Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fallen Newborns

Dear Fallens,
I am finally up to no good with an idea I had roaming in My inefficient and dazzled brain for a few years already. Fallen Newborns are a series of existing skins with the add of the rebirth tattoo merged to the skin as a symbol of Fallen Gods Inc. but also to state a difference over the purchased edition. 
Those skins are available only to avatars younger than 7 days, so be that your alt or a friend of yours making adventurous first steps in Second Life, I wanted to propose a fallen skin for free to help creating an avatar at early stages and possibly seduce into My own vision and character design. Skins will change monthly or bi/monthly from the existing ranges themed by seasons, mood or current projects.
I truly hope you like and embrace this idea, 

I wish to start with Clowns, since the month of Carnival just started:

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