Friday, March 15, 2013

Body wrappers, skinmakers, celebration and growth.

The Skin Fair 2013 Startled.
I found Myself in awe by looking at the incredible variety, creativity, skills, ideas, passion that body wrappers share with the rest of Second Life world and its living pixel bodies.
I admit I rarely look what other skinmakers do, it's an amazing chance for Me to finally look at other creative brains as well as their approach over skinmaking and character design. The passion we all share to give life and incarnate pixel personas is touchable in the air of new ways to think avatars, as hybrids, the way to integrate genetics with multiple layers and much more options and ideas.

Concerning My release for the fair I had to give up on releasing the project I was working on since not even at 50% completion (go superhuman Me, I know, but I am back to sleeping...), put it on side and catch one of the works in progress I had ready to kick out for spring, Crystal Faes in Musk, that I often was requested. The big thing I am having hands on currently is too important and a strong radical change to any future skin I'll do, so I choose to not rush and propose it half done and not how it's supposed to be.
So why am I telling you at all this? Well because I worked truly hard on a lot of things recently (libertine, petites, skins) and nothing is still showing up: this can be very frustrating and I am constantly late with anything I do, so people tends to see it as I am giving up on creating as I used to: this is not the case. It's like metabolizing a project forever, the infinite has to be broken soon and will be the Lion to roar and open the path to new rebirths.
The Third generation of Gods will arrive, but seems they chose to not appear for the Skin Fair, they call for Magnificat.

Untill then.. enjoy a new pixie you, it's spring.
Even if you don't need a new skin I do suggest warmly to visit the faire, it's truly ful of almost naked girls in underwear everywhere (often bald too).

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