Sunday, September 28, 2014

R.U.L.K. & Greta Rost, Military Prototypes

Message from the Gaze: "Commander Rost, I assign you the Air Squad and Zeppelin Aid-Team to focus on the strategic control of all Spiral borders, your excellent approach to major breach eventualities and knowledge of portal strategies will be essential to the success of this mission. What shall we expect? You'll see, but I don't wish to give any informations so to not allow you and your troops to relax a little more by considering the threat irrilevant. ... anyway, am sure you won't disappoint me.
The Reconnaissance Urban Land Kommando? You know well what R.U.L.K. is there for...
R.U.L.K. smash."

Last days and last prototypes for the Clockwork Spiral, go get enjoy the atmosphere untill its portal is open. I'll be sure the Military Prototypes will guard them well against any eventual threat.
The Scientist,

I still do have super rusty demos!

SLurl to the CLockwork Spiral:

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