Monday, January 5, 2015

Yule's Odyssey

Yule Season is at its end slowly, many things are moving permanently to the Temple as "Erin and Ragnar" Gacha and "Brier" Tattoo, and some will be retired after the 7th, as "A libertine Christmas" Gacha (currently in Libertine's skyarea). 
Penguins, after partying hard, are enjoying the fresh ice pool a little more before helping to dismantle the Tree (full of wonderful gifts!) and I am slowly marching into this new 2015 full of excitement for all the new creative opportunities ahead.
So if I didn't have the chance to wish you personally as Penguin Blaster a Happy 2015, let me do it now with my best wishes for a 2015 full of Growth, Meaning and Happiness!

And now the List of What is going to happen next, 
what is happening and what to look for! 

"We Love Roleplay" Event
~4-31 January 2015~
DracoOdyssey/Laguna, New and Last Release for the Draco series 40%OFF
Free SLink, Lola and Lotus appliers available

"Gifts under the Tree"
Wonderful Friends shared many gifts under the Tree at Selidor.
The Tree will stay untill the 7th of January, don't miss it!

"New Year's Group Gift"
By tradition the Fallen Gods Inc. Official Group will close the join option, this year from the 5th January 3 pm slt till the 8th January 3 pm slt. Hurry up!

"A Libertine Christmas" Gacha
Still available till the 7th at the Libertine area on Selidor.
Will come back next year probably!

"Brier" Tattoo, "Erin & Ragnar" Gacha
Are  now at the Temple.

"The Game of Pengwings" 
Thank you Fallens, David and Aine, for making this year's party so awesome!
I managed to have a blast even if deadly flu-sick-ed, thanks folks, peng on!

Here's a picture set made by Deoridhe:

Oh and yes.... JELLYFISH

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