Tuesday, January 12, 2016


After a busy holiday season and a soul loss recently that shook me up, I had the luck to dive into work so to keep thoughts at bay. A beautiful project with Titania, where we almost ate each other (and no Skye, not in -that- way) but very happy with the result we didn't break-up. We are still waiting to get the chance for a Hourglass shaped rare so it might come to be eventually, but for now just standard sized are available, a demo for hourglass and an included one in the Exclusive Court.
Chaleur court and long, for The Epiphany Gacha Event.
We hope you enjoy,
Alia & Titania

The Epiphany Main Website, http://the-epiphany.com/
The Epiphany Location

If you redeem the Long Exclusive please refer to me if Hourglass is released and I will provide it for you.

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