Monday, February 8, 2016


Legacy, a tattoo gacha for all of your Force Needs.
Hope you enjoy,


Gacha Info:
- Tattoos, each includes two transparencies
- 50L pull
- 20 commons, 2 rares, 10% rare chance
- Body Appliers Included: Omega, Slink & TMP
- Head Appliers are not available (No system allows full head texture appliers up to date)
- All system layers are tintable. (Example; you can tint a red tattoo into darker or black, white tattoo can be tinted in a full spectrum)
- Colors are provided mainly for mesh bodies that cannot have tattoo layer tinting.

Additional Releases Info: Legacy of Maul
Am currently working on the full applier set for Maul, hopefully shall be out next week. The Appliers won't be sold separately but a second purchase will be needed (the amount of work and appliers for the body equals 90% of the overall creation, the price would be the same)

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