Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunrise of Creation

The Sunrise of Creation Hunt just started and is a a grid wide stamp hud hunt that allows me to take you to the stores and sims of my friends: all places I wish you to visit. Buy the Free HUD at Selidor (located around the market, at the Fortunes and Events board) and start a journey where you must find all the eggs to fill the vial of the power of creation and take you to the prize room. The Hunt Lasts till the 3 November. Good Journey,

Where to Get the HUD: SLurl
(vendors located around the market, at the Fortunes and Events board)
Duration: October 1 -November 3

I wish to thank all the Creators involved for their wonderful Gifts and hosting the Eggs,you complete me: Building Daydreams, alpha.tribe, Lilith's Den, Silvan Moon Designs, Little, Big Designs ~ Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer), deviousMind, Totally Tinies and Dinkies, Cole's Corner, The Ippos Collective, Cerridwen's Cauldron, United InshCon, Patron, Frippery, Solarium, MacMoragh an Gabha, House of Accentaury, Unrepentant, Bare@Rose, Spyralle, .::Cubic Cherry::., .:Soul:., FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK, 22769 ~ [bauwerk], Wasabi Pills, [Pink Fuel], House of RFyre, Secrets of Gaia, Balderdash, Roawenwood, The Looking Glass, Astalianda, ~*Sweet Revolutions*~, Faida, Vengeful Threads, Ankle Biter, OXIDE, The Arcanum.

Special Thanks to Encaiton Korobase for scripting the Hud also this year, for his absolutely unique additions as script names and squacking eggs and just managing to make all run exceptionally smooth, Please support his crafts with visiting Solarium!

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Happy Anniversary!!!! ♥♥