Monday, September 11, 2017

Seeker of Memories

As the energies of visitors invigorate the Temple strange time fissures are appearing all over the Archipelago of Fallen Gods. The Islands seem to celebrate the decade of Incarnated creatures and memories by opening rifts in time and letting you access memories of the past: every week more fissures appear and more memories for you to collect. Visit the Islands, wait for the Call of the Fallens ( Official Inworld Group Notices) and find all the memories. Wishing the Time flows slowly for you,
Alia Baroque


Fallen Gods Inc. 1st - 2007 / 2008 - Beyond Elves & Anniversaries
"The First Memory appeared in the sister building of the original Elven Dome, where the first Anniversary was held. At the roots of the flame tree you shall seek a window to the past."

Fallen Gods Inc. 2nd - 2009 - Hybriding of Newborns
"The connection to Hybrid newborns and Blood-born Gods appeared in the darkest underground of their kind: The Veniversum, but not in a very flattering spot..."

Fallen Gods Inc. 3rd - 2010 - The Golden Year
"Find the radioactive gold in a cozy refuge embraced by the abyss"

Fallen Gods Inc. 4th - 2011 - The Year of the Dragon
"In the Lost Town the hidden Labs of the Alchemist are full of secrets, one secret room is home to the 4th temporal rift...will you find it?"

Fallen Gods Inc. 5th - 2012 - The Year of Dreams
Fissure not yet appeared.

Fallen Gods Inc. 6th - 2013 - The Year of Rebirth
Fissure not yet appeared.

Fallen Gods Inc. 7th - 2014 - The Year of the Sun
Fissure not yet appeared.

Fallen Gods Inc. 8th - 2015 - Infinity: The Eternal Year
Fissure not yet appeared.

Fallen Gods Inc. 9th - 2016 - The Year of the Cosmic Snake
Fissure not yet appeared.

Fallen Gods Inc. 10th - ....

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