Saturday, February 16, 2019

An undesired Valentine

A couple of days ago for the holiday of bad romance I thought would be nice to send a sincere wish and small gift to all of my customers using the Casper system. My gift didn't include any notecard, promo or link, it was simply, well, a gift. I realized today after quite a stir, some unpleasant complaints and insults, that my interpretation of the Casper system was probably wrong and I apologize for that and disrupting your Second Life experience by sending you an undesired Valentine.

I can here assure my customers that they won't receive any more gifts for Christmas, Valentine's day or any other reason than an Update through the system and they have to refer to my official group.

My reasoning seemed sensible at the time as a lot of my patrons keep their messages capped and contact me and my CSR afterward, but I also didn't count in that the majority of my customers are not patrons but occasional buyers unfamiliar with my attitude, creations and marketing approach. So far I sent 3 gifts in the past 5 years of using Caspervend and 11 years of running a creative brand in Second Life: 2 for Christmas and one for Valentine's day. Those that are familiar with my ways know my main support is customer satisfaction and word of mouth, and I don't need to rely on "tricks" to grow my support base.
Said that my apology is sincere, and I know for many I just came out as a random -dude- sending you an unwanted pantie box with stuff. To you, I say I hope we will get to know each other better and you will forgive my interruption with a future positive relationship.
Alia Baroque

Please notice that the following products state they are notice and update tools for the special type of creations as stated on their sale panel:
Chronos Collectable Egg 63 - Gives Updates to Collectors whenever a new Egg is released or available.
Villa Ambrata Keys - Will send an update when VIllas are released for purchase


Unknown said...

Thank you for having this. I hope, as well, that more understand your generosity. You are a good person who tries to make your patrons happy. You are always friendly and understanding in chat, IMs and all that you do. Maybe someday the people who were upset by this Valentine, can be the same way.

SigmaBlues,one of your occasional patrons xD

Viper said...

I'm so sorry you were misunderstood, I for one Love your gifts and different way of expressing your love for patrons. I'm one of your older patrons, and one of your occasional patrons. Thank YOU for being you. Your still one of my Valentines and will always be a friend. (not that you need anymore) Again Thank you I love your creativity.

Hugs & Love
MistressViper Voom

T. W. Burge said...

As one of your loyal followers and occasional patron, I must say, I am very sorry you were misunderstood. I appreciate your gifts, and I love your style and sense of humor. Thanks for bringing Joy to my second life, and for all the fun things you do with the store.

Casper Whitfield

JMB Balogh said...

Well I for one enjoyed the surprise Valentine gift and have been wearing the tattoo since. However it took me a while to figure out how I came to get it. For a while I actually thought an unknown admirer had sent it. Laughs. So thank you for the gift and some moments of mystery.

Breezy Carver said...

Wow I just read this . Sorry I have been a little be hind on my own readings . I have not a clue what happen here dear Alia but I will say this . Without a doubt knowing you is an honor.I always look forward to your creative gifts they are steamy and brilliant .... You have no idea when you have been there for so many . Me for one.As you know or maybe not (smiles nervously) I had a wicked brush with some nasty bad health in real life (brain aneurism) It altered my own life and ways of thinking and dealing in so many ways.
Breezy is 11 years old in game and I have watched many come and go on this grid even some die. ( I have a cemetery on my Build in my Mark Twain gardens with a few tumb stones.. morbid to some but soothing and a fitting reminder to me. )
My point is this: My own real life is rich with love ❤️ peace of mind a great husband a wonderful Dog and cat 😊
I feel blessed in many ways My home, my location, my career and yes now I have my health back.... But I did loose things in exchange second life ugh ugh Not so much. But second life is a reflection of our own real lives in my humble opinion. When I got sick I lost my second life ( I was gone almost 2 years oh I paid tiers and dues via PayPal and such but I lost people relationships .. All of it really My partner of seven years,( a very dear friend ..left game ) my Dj of 9 years (also left game) my blog of ten years , But through it all I am still me.
I am heart broken with this post of yours (big sigh) but I get it ...this is life things change and we each have to buckle up breath care about the other person more and go on.You and I didn’t chat a great deal yet I believe you to be a dear old friend to me in this world. We know many of the same people .I guess this is me saying I am so sorry to read of this But more important I am so sorry others would have any doubt in your thoughtful honorable and caring ways. You don’t just sell your creative on here .... You do and give with thought of your time , mind, soul and creative heart. You make the bad days go away for so many of us. Your kindness takes the pain away. That’s a pretty special gift 🎁 .. Almost as special as knowing you. Perhaps all words .. I don’t know I have been mis understood on here trust me, it’s painful and hard .I have had to walk away no one knows my own tears ....rejection ior being misunderstood in any world is never easy. Please know I respect and know what a gift Fallen and you are to all of us ...Thank You from the center of my own heart ❤️Hugs from a far.. Faire Winds Dear Strong Alia You set the bar high in humanity and genuine kindness and understanding ..
You always have been one of my all time favorites on this thing be safe stay well..
Always Seabreeze. ((Breezy 😉)