Friday, April 26, 2019


Join us tonight for the Event Also Commonly Known as the Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque, 4-6pm slt, at Midas - Fantasy Faire 2019 with Dj Lainey Thorne.
You will have the choice to support the awakened Midas, goldthirsty God of riches and Bling, or the awakened Ishtar, Goddess protector of the City Gardens and all that grows.

I'll be a servant to the Gods and their will, as their strength will rise by your support and donations which will decide the fate of Midas: covered in gold or preserved as it is with its fresh gardens.

Two special edition skin-sets will be available as donation rewards if you choose to support one of the sides, or both, and they will never be available again.
Thank you in advance for your support, presence and engagement and I See you tonight,

TELEPORT to Midas / Main Event
SIDE PLATFORM on Twilight Springs: TELEPORT 

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