Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Tournament

Friday 18 of this Festival is dedicated traditionally to our Melee Tournament, A Gladiator Arena Hosting a Unity Meter Driven Tournament with 5000L$ worth of Giftcards to Win. Everyone is welcome to try their blade and challenge professional and beginner fighters. Participation Boards will open at 3pm and close at 3.30pm so come in time! Join also as the audience to enjoy some sane blood butchering on Friday evening led by Fenn MacMoragh. Hope to see you there,

◆ Courtesy Training Sessions ◆
Training sessions courtesy by Fenn MacMoragh
Wednesday 16 October, 4pm SLT
Thursday 17 October, 7am SLT
TELEPORT to Training Area

◆ Tournament Rules & Prizes ◆
Contest Board open: 3.00 pm slt
Tournament Starts: 3.30 pm slt
Game Marshall: Fenn MacMoragh
Unity Meter: Tournament Mode Only
Weapon: Your own choice, compatible with Unity Meter OR Courtesy free Blade provided by Fenn MacMoragh.

TELEPORT (Arena not present until Friday 18)

◆ Fallen Gods Inc. 12th Anniversary ◆
For an updated schedule and list of events visit:
Attending Courtesy:
- Please keep your Avatar ARC & script value as low as you manage without sacrificing your style, there is a monitor on arrival
- Please do not enter the Arena if you are not participating and interfere with the tournament
The Fortune Teller will be Unavailable during the Tournament, will be rezzed again as it ends.

One Melee Weapon only, you must use the same weapon the whole tournament. A Free Tournament sword will be provided to you.
No Heals
No magic huds
No stamina potions or poses
No flying
No jump or speed enhancers
Sign in starts at 3:00PM SLT. Tournament starts at 3:30PM SLT.
Sign in to Board
Single Elimination
When name is called please report to center of arena, the Marshall will check your weapons.
Once done he will have you move to opposite sides and then shout 3 - 2 - 1 - GO
Match will be decided by first person down. If match goes for more than 5 minutes, the Marshall will call ONE MINUTE after one minute the person with the highest health will be declared the winner.
Please remember this is a combat match, no running away to avoid combat and to rebuild health, doing so you will receive one warning a second time and you could forfeit the match.

The Marshall is the sole judge and arbitrator, the Marshall does not argue. All decisions of the Marshall are final.
1st Place - 2500L$ Gift Card
2nd Place - 1000L$ gift Card
3rd Place - 500L$ Gift Card

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