Thursday, April 30, 2020


Creation comes from nothing, and everything,

from Order and from Chaos.
Balance is the key,
Hold the balance,
Keep the scales aligned.

Join us on Friday may 1st 2020, 4-6pm slt, on Zodiac at Fantasy Faire 2020. DJ Lainey Thorne will be spinning the music havoc as we keep the balance by donating to opposing kiosk, each featuring a special unique edition skin set for both genders available only for the duration of the event and never again (Any donation accepted, Minimum donation of 990L$ for the Exclusives)

If the main location on Zodiac will fill up, there will be two terraces connected to the region on Queensgaren and Lunafae with exclusive vendors, SLurls and locations will be posted in group chats and are available below before the Event start. You will also be able to donate on distance through the representatives of Chaos and Order that will make themselves known in Group chats.

Thank you so much for your support and hope to see you there for a fun evening together,

TELEPORT to Main Event Platform
TELEPORT to Overflow on Lunafae
TELEPORT to Overflow on Queensgarden

Listen here to the Radio Ad / Thanks to the incredible work of the Radio Staff: Zander, Cale and Kaiden.

Fantasy Faire Official Website

How to get your Skin sets
Any donation is accepted, but those with minimum donation of 990 linden dollars will receive an exclusive Fallen Gods Inc. skin to make sure they can represent their chosen side fittingly. There’s two skins, one for Order, one for Chaos. Both skin sets include both male and female skins and are available only during this event.
When the main location on Zodiac fills up, there will be two overflow terraces connected to the region: one on Queensgarden, one on Lunafae. Both terraces will have the exclusive skin RFL kiosks available. You will also be able to donate on distance through the representatives of Chaos or Order: follow Fantasy Faire Fans group chat, or IM Sonya Marmurek in advance.

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