Sunday, May 9, 2021

Live Auction: The Rune Grandmaster

Today at Noon slt starts the legendary Fantasy Faire live auction, where you can get yourself a piece of the Faire itself, new buses and more! The event will take place on Paer Thura, you will be able to listen in on Fantasy Faire Radio and also bid by proxy. Soon a post with all previews and info will appear on the official website, meanwhile, here's what you will be able to get from Valhalla this year. 
Hope you enjoy and thank you for your support, remember the Faire has been extended until the 12th so still time to visit it whole!

Fantasy Faire official webstie
TELEPORT to Paer Thura

The Rune Grandmaster Specs
Included in the set are:
- Runemaster wooden Great Hall
- Top wooden Hall
  (with wall end or dual entry)
- Light Altar, complete
- altar stave rune rocks (the splats)
- Yggdrasil floor map of realms
- floor & hanging Braziers (3 types) 
- decorative stands
- Great Hall interactive RUne stands
- 24 Rune rocks
- 24 Decorative & holdable runes
- 24 info notecards & memory hints
- custom apprentice hand tattoo
  (color by choice)
  bonus: signed ratatoskr poster
  models, floating runes & model       
  styles not included

everything mod/copy/no transfer
ETA delivery: end of may 2021

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