Sunday, August 15, 2021

Unicorn Tales

Dear Fallen and Libertine,
August is turning out to be a pretty eventful month due to the latest gacha policy changes, but also because of some wonderful themed events I am happy to participate in. Enchantment just opened its gates and this month's theme is the Witcher Saga, I am also participating in Redeux and Goodbye Gacha events. I hope you enjoy and the heat wave is treating you decently,

I couldn't miss this round themed on Sapkowski Witcher Lore. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, is one of my top 5 favourite games and after long encouragement I managed to get my partner Sonya on board too even if she had to play a rugged guy.... and she ended reading all the books as well and geeking over the Lore even more than me. Said that I couldn't resist to NOT bring you the Stuffed Unicorn, a collaboration with Julala Demina from Jinx and animated adequately for a Horny Sorceress and Witcher in known Libertine style. I am also offering the first Update of my Humanitas line with a new tone, Radegast, which is a beta release and will be updated soon together with the whole range of skins, with more rugged options over the full body genetics and some fixes. Everything at the event is discounted 30% off as New release.

(Available Adult showrooms to test furniture fully at a variety of locations, get your landmarks at the Event)

This round of Redeux you can still get to play a few Gachas and there are a variety of discounted items for both of my brands, including Scale skins and Oceanica Bio. Scales are also now matching Jinx' new Naga tails available at Enchantment, with matching Gold, Silver and Eclipse tones.

A Synergy Event with a variety of Gachas from all kind of Creators to say goodbye to our favourite SL gambling for treasures. 

An instore event with a Teleport HUD to creators with many gacha locations, HUD will be sent through Fallen Gods Inc. Group or you can already get one in the Gimme Gacha group.

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