Monday, February 7, 2022

Collectable Egg Collections, re-released

Spring Egg Collections are back, re-released for this Valentine's Shop & Hop. Together with a major selection of Libertine romantic and decadent furniture and decor, they are discounted 20% its original pull price of 50L$. They will return to the main Libertine Showroom after the event at full regular pull price.

Collectable Eggs started as Gachas with the intention of reaching all kind of people, from an occasional play with a minimum investment or someone enjoying gifts for friends, to dedicated collectors. 
I brainstormed a majority of formats with which to bring them back, but I decided to use the 'Follow Up!' system which works identically as a gacha except for the item you are pulling from the machine is labeled by its number, so the one after is still a surprise. It's not a perfect solution but is the closest to the one I started with, still allowing collecting, resale, gifting and not a major investment towards a full pack to own a trinket. Thank you so much for your eggcitement and support and I hope you'll enjoy this Libertine Valentine, 

Additional Information:
The Winter Collection will be re-released on Sunday 13th, 2022, always at Shop & Hop and discounted.
- Please notice that due to the new machines, Eggs have now two numbers: the first indicates each machine sequence number, while the number that follows Collectable Egg refers to the complete Egg collection.
- For the Current Complete List of Eggs please refer to this post (Fallen Gods Inc. 14th Anniversary Egg not included)

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