Saturday, May 7, 2022

Faire Schedule: not to miss

Picture courtesy by Sunny Difference

The last weekend of Fantasy Faire is here, but is far from the least: exploration, questing, parties, Silent and live auctions, and more! I can say from legitimate sources that we might be open for a few days more after the 8, so there will be more time for you to look around but for what concerns my personal schedule what is done, is done. (Though check Opet's store for the re-released seeker of memory prize, Gaze of Apophis)

I am postponing anything related to releases to when I regain some post Faire rest. Below is a list with a timeline of things to not miss if you enjoyed your experience so far. Happy Faire everyone!


FINAL SCHEDULE for Opet, Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine
- Silent Auction ends today, Saturday 7, at 1 pm slt - TELEPORT to the Silent Auction site
(Supposed Bus ride after if the Faire weather holds)
- Live Auction takes place tomorrow, Sunday 8 - Sunken Honey
- Memorial bonfire dance (eta Wednesday 11 noon)
- Rave party ( Tuesday 10, 11am-11pm)(redacted)

Specials to not miss until the Faire sinks into the Mysts
- Thoth's apprentice Acolyte and Priest final gifts
- All exclusive releases will be available at regular price, not discounted, at the Temple after the Faire.
- Special Edition Eggs will not be available until next year's Faire
- Fairelands Quest and its Prizes
- The regions and the People.

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