Friday, June 12, 2009

DHARMA Station: The Temple

Lately, while continuing to clear the Temple undergrounds, and placing some paws I stumbled across a wall that appeared too much new in my eyes, was already collapsing so I broke it and found a door. Took Me a while to understand the acess code but made it to enter. Inside I found strange things, which I am still figuring out what they are meant for. The only thing I know is that a certain Dharma Initiative came to Selidor before I did, a year ago, and surely after the original inhabitants since their modern design. Also a few useful outfits are to be found there, even if not so stylish, who knows you might need it for some gardening on your sim... The logos I saw there also inspired me for a few shirts, that can be found in the temple clothing area, second level, entrance wall. Help me understand that thing, and... I noticed a strange black smoke worm roaming lately around Selidor... someone is smoking too much lately here.

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