Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gifts, prizes, giving, taking and being late.

Two days to Christmas, eight days to the new year, and I am late... as always. This constant pending axe of lateness that is by now the characteristic of my work and methods is nothing new. I used to improve, I used to be better than this, but eventually due to over-achieving needs and over-sheduling by my inability to say no, I cross the limit of what I am capable of completing and get into the lateness whirlwind. Being superhuman, wanting to do better and wanting to do more is the reason, not my lack of respect toward organizers and customers. My personal belief is that I can make it in time, half of times I do, half of times I don't. I don't blame anyone but myself and my lack of judgment, so before the new year starts I want to apologize and I want to thank the people that tollerated this: my customers and followers that would return to events to check if I finished, for wasting their time and resources with my eternal gratitude for their patronage and support; the organizers that go by the name of Titania, Arica, Hephaeston, Skye, Voshie, Jennica which lost half nerves and zen with tolerating my last minute setups and sometimes over the last minute creative marketing techniques to not make me look as I am late (really, who am I fooling).
I want to apologize and hope that my ability to judge the time, resources and energy I have at hand next year will improve, for my own wellness sake too, and that there will be the new year of Balance ahead, of the infinite snake that can connect the creative dots and make me find the real things I want to do with my Lives.
Said that, I am late with the last releases at the midwinter fair...
...but hey: in between RL gift shopping and family ravels in 4 countries, I am managing to get it done. Next time Carver, do less, often less is more.
Wish you wonderful Holidays and thanks for coping with me,

And now the "really" important stuff:
- All claimed Contest and Anniversary Prizes and vouchers were delivered, with around a hundred total plus the hundred participation skin sets. If you still didn't hear from me for what you won, even if your claiming deadline was the First December I'll close a good eye and send you what you won of course, but am not going to check anymore from January on.
- Gifts are piling up under the Tree! And by tradition I'll keep the tree up till Epiphany, the 6th of January.
- Soon close to New Year's Eve the Fallen Group will close the ability to join till epiphany (returnign free to join after), so you can get your special New Year skins, be sure to keep it.
- 3 January the Infamous Penguin slapping party, scheduling hardcore the event of the year!
- I have really a lot of Customer Service to attend, lots of appliers to update and things of various to deal with, I am doing my best but can't speed it up, so please be patient as I get back to you. I'll be sure to send a notice when I dealt with everything so you know that if you didn't hear from me your message/note got capped.

And here's the music I will have to listen probably when my mother's side family get drunk after Christmas Eve's dinner and the traditional classical opera  music gets savaged and assaulted by my mother's taste (and volume) so that the rest of the family will just cry eventually and my step dad will try to shove on some Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, and me trying to tank through as he dps's the cds ahead.

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