Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Season of Warmth

Warmth is what we search for Holidays, in our bodies and souls and nothing warms more than relating to each other, relating to the ones we enjoy the company and mutual souls. Temple's Yule Season is officially started.

Tonight the Festivities will start with the wonderful Yule themed show by “ The Night Theatre”, at 2 pm slt, in Selidor’s frozen bay. I also heard that Tinies might come over the Islands Caroling during this week, and maybe even tonight! Many gifts are already under the Tree and more am sure will come till the 25th, I have for you some past year’s face tattoos and a new one and some Libertine d├ęcor hoping you will enjoy! Special Ornaments for your tree are only at the Temple too and so some other gifts related to We Love Roleplay and the Midwinter Fair, but most important of all: I have some amazing Friends that did setup as every year with gifts for you and their best wishes! So be sure to pay them a visit and check their trees and stores after you harvest the Temple. 
With hopes we will have a wonderful Holiday Season together and that you will enjoy the Temples Festive atmosphere and treats, I wish you a Merry Fallenmas,
*** The Fallen Yule Schedule of Events***
(Tiny Caroling will be improvised and announced through Group)

*20 December 2015, Sunday*
2 pm slt - “The Night Theatre” Show
*21 December 2015, Monday*
Delivery of the late runners Prizes for Anniversary and Contest
*22 December 2015, Monday*
Last Releases for Midwinter Fair, late but hopefully worth again.
Postponed till futher notice
*30 December 2015, Wednesday*
Fallen Gods Inc. Official Group will be closed to join till the 4th of January for the Yearly Special Group Gift, a long time Tradition.
Also Last Day to get your We Love Roleplay Gifts and Sales.
*30 December 2015, Wednesday*
Midwinter Fair Ends
*3 January 2016, Sunday*
1 pm slt -  The Annual Traditional Fishslapping Party, also known as "WTF Penguins"
Djs, herrings and ice.
*6 January 2016, Wednesday*
Last Yule day and your chance to get your gifts under the Tree
*7 January 2016, Thursday*
Group will be open to Join again

Gift Previews

(And Look what Xavian has for you together with some ornaments...)

Me and Private are already excited about the show.

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