Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Sparkling Spirit

New Incarnations are available as of today at Fantasy Faire(which is officially lasting until May the 4th!). Complete avatars for Full sized creatures and Petites are now at the Fallen Gods Inc. Store on The Rose: Spirit comes in Pure, Draco and Opal which benefits RFL of SL, while the new Petites Night Sparkles are available only till the Fairelands sink into the Limbo. Many Special Petites are available also until the end of the Faire, while Eternals are released and will stay.

Thank you so much for your support yesterday at the Jail and Bail event which almost topped 400K L$ and for all of your incredible help on making Fallen Gods a great source of donations and spirit for the Faire. With Gratitude, 

Skin Sets Previews:

Petite Previews:

Newly Re-released Petites:

Past Edition Petites Available for a limited time only!

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