Monday, April 24, 2017

Rare Treasures

When I started playing with little scenarios in Decorated Eggs two years ago I didn't expect them to become such a success, I truly enjoy creating them and is always a special creative moment when I do a new Spring Collection or a special edition for a special moment in my SL life. I often get asked when they can get a special Egg, and many times they are simply unavailable, but I always say that they might be out at Fantasy Faire.

To Honour my promise here's the full collection of Eggs available to you, Special Editions are all available in RFL Vendors to benefit the American Cance society, while two new Collectables just emerged, one as part of the Fairelands Quest and the other as a rare memento of The Rose, on silent Auction.

Also, a preview of the Sim Hunt Memento/Treasure and few of the Rose Decor items for sale as RFL items. I hope you'll enjoy, 

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