Monday, April 23, 2018

The Mantra of Persistence

I thought this following post will be called Aetherea, have the invitation to the sim and Fairelands, have the beautiful captures by Faire photographers, the SLurl, the plans, the path of work that got me to the completion of a new world and the post date would be Thursday 19.
So why am I writing to you on Monday 23?
Because In the past 70+ Hours since the Faire opened I was on a long journey on saving that World.

I can go into details on how we opened new areas for display, how I under the table rebuilt the sim over and over, changing the physics, lowering the object load, analyzing every single script and reducing the region's lag footprint to almost zero with the live help of Faire staff and Linden Labs, and nothing really solved the issues.
The Gates opened letting in enthusiastic and excited wonderers and  I was under the floating Temples trying to support them with what I had and it wasn't enough. With the intervention of the Divine Linden hands all the Faire moved to new different speed servers after the initial hiccups but Aetherea kept shattered. To make things even worse, the sim restarted during LL duplication process and Aetherea scattered as multiple shards and mirror images of herself on different servers: a region with multiple layers of consciousness.
Ultimately we decided for a backup plan that became the main solution and we are working on it now: I am currently rebuilding Aetherea from scratch on a new region, merchants are setting up again and LL will test her as best we can before we replace the current one with the fresh new one.

So this is why, except a few eggs, you are not seeing much more releases from me and there's a lack of an official invite. I worked too hard to have a sim visitable only during SLT night hours and then go completely dead and frozen. The Faire need a strong link, not a sick one, and we are healing it.
So here's an unofficial invite until I can properly invite you,

An official Post by the Faire Team:
A Beautiful Story about Aetherea:

A series of SLurls:
Aetherea, Original Region ( Good to visit during SLT Night hours, region performance "almost" normal)
Aetherea Shopping Platform on Sanoria ( A temporary location lag free for RFL donation items from Aetherea's region merchants)
- Aetherea's New region ( Slurl link Comign soon)

Avatar Release on Hold until the Region issues are settled and we can enjoy the 10+ remaining days of Fantasy Faire.

Some Pictures of my Dream by Alisaundra, Wildstar, Sunny, Justen and Caity:

A Map of the Sisters:

And here's my current motivational Poster:

And some music.


Shari Cortes said...

Alia, you are one of the great and the good. One of the shining lights and this is something that no one deserves to have happened to them but you have dealt with it with a great deal of thought and caring for everyone and we all love and thank you for being so very you ♥

Ethan leSabre said...

Alia, I think that the whole community empathises with you. You have been awesome, and really inspirational - Not only in the work that you've been doing, but in your constant communication and continued friendliness. You're a perfect example of what I love about SL - passionate and caring. With love & appreciation. Ethan

Aradia Mistwood said...

Every year I wait for fantasy faire with anticipation. Sometimes there's hiccups and you know, that doesn't take away from my experience. I mean, I save up for a month for the jail and bails!!!
You have my heartfelt thanks for expanding my second life experience.

Jay B said...

Alia, I am filled with admiration with what you have done. The region is amazing, it's strikingly breathtaking, and showcases your immense artistic skill. But your dedication to quality and not giving up is the real inspiration. I wish there were stronger words I could use to express my gratitude because you deserve them. Thank you.