Friday, April 27, 2018


Help me restore the balance of Aetherea by aiding through the incarnation of opposing, yet collaborating, spirits. Bring Aetherea to its final form where Balance of Opposites — not conflict — is the Key to a Healthy Existence.

Two special edition skins — incarnations — will be provided to support and aid the balance of Aetherea and they are available only during the event. If the region is full you can still purchase the skins and view the event from Aetherea’s balconies in Fairelands Junction and Tiny Town. Glorious unexpected Music provided by DJ Lokii Violet.

Transcendence is also know as the Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque on Faire events, and is taking place on Aetherea, today Friday 27, at 2 - 4 pm. Hope to see you there,

Main Location on Aetherea:
In case the Region is full, you can purchase the special edition skins and donate from:
Additional Location in Tiny Town
Additional Location in Junction

The Spirits of Opposing Harmony:


Breezy Carver said...

Wow ! Just Brilliant...... They are Stunning skins. I couldn’t be in world do to my real life dear husband.s older brother passing of Cancer late last night . Horrible, Awful death he had throat cancer..... Douglas ( my husband has lost 2 brothers in 2 years.. very hard on him. He is the youngest of six children. What do I say ? I understand. I love you so deeply. Life is hard ,loss is never fair .... I am so sorry.....
I just have to be there for him quietly ,support him with all I have........I can say this life is short and memories are so important. Again I am sorry I missed this jail and bail.... First time in many years,,,As Zander Greene once said Your magical skins are like a crack all their a deep powerfull movingdesire to own everyone to so many of us.....I will deal with missing them but please know how special you are Alia and how very much so many of us appreate you and your dynamic creative always as you continue to keep hitting it out of Park year after year... Your builds , your skins ,gosh even your tats... Eggs are fabulous, Your Libertine soo special... Faire Winds and gentle seas .....Hugs from a far it is a real honor to know you and the signature power of your creative ......wipes away some sentimental tears......Been a hard week ..Be well & Stay Safe ...With Love to you and yours .....Thank You for all you do and being kind again I am so sorry I missed this powerful event !!! Forgive me...... Always, Breezy xox

Alia Baroque said...

Dear Breezy,
My condolences to your family and so much gratitude for your wonderful words, pure gold as always to keep the work on.Hope to see you inworld those days till since the Faire lasts longer and be sure to send me a message when on-

Breezy Carver said...
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Breezy Carver said...

Thank you Alia I got way too wordy forgive me ...Late night soul searching , late night mind games I guess plays tricks on mind.... Thank goodness faire is extended this year YaY with you soon again Thank You .......ciao ......Always Breezy 😊