Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Garvie, Poly, Lorin, Saiyge, Alial and all of you

Opet was a vision, an evolution of the Golden Delta that started with my first store back in autumn of 2007 and evolved through almost 15 years of SL, skill, potential, but also friendship.
The Golden delta is a sensation, a set of scents, memories from my childhood, imagination and fantasies. It is a set of perceptions from media, from knowledge, from novels, from real life travel, from dreams.
As I set foot in Second Life and started to build, the Bed of the Pharaoh was what I wanted to call home, it was the first Temple of the Fallen Gods Incarnated. It was where all started and where it will eventually end, one day, the end that is always transformation. Because Beginnings and Ends are all part of one thing only, Life.

There would be no Opet without Garvie Garzo and Alial Allen, two of the most talented sculptors in Second Life who with their passion, crafts, skills, and joyful nature always helped me shape a vision, bringing their own idea and interpretation as I could never anticipate.

There would be no Opet without Polyhistor Serpente which has the ability to mold and transform Second Life lights and waters under her will into a magical atmosphere that caresses perfectly the sands, the stones, and darkness.

There would be no Opet without Lorin Tone, the master of second life sound design bringing distant flutes and music, the soft wind and breeze into your ears with such reality even the heat of the Sun cannot save you from goosebumps.

There would be no Opet without Saiyge Lotus, who just with a touch made the sands alive, and as the Golden Delta was windblown, so was Opet, spraying dust to her Junction, patiently supporting my vision for years with friendship and care.

There would be no Opet without Encaitaron Korobase, my trusted boatman who brings the traveling wandering ships to my regions every second year.

And ultimately there would be no Opet without You, all of you, that with your eyes, memories and experience make the Fairelands live. As I Am just a bringer of vision, but you are the bringer of Life.

Picture by Sunny Difference

Opet by Alia Baroque
Machinima by Colemaie Soleil


Emilly Orr said...

You've all done a wondrous thing. I dragged over another talented builder I know, who is currently doing Egyptian deco structures, and they were completely whelmed. I could see them making notes in their head as they walked around the sim.

It doesn't touch the same heart notes as Valhalla did--because so much of that was the crash and burn of loss, amidst the beauty--but it gives me great peace to walk around Opet and know this is what you've all been building towards.

Joyce Redrose said...

It is very awesome. I roleplay as high priestess and I am Egyptian demi goddess. Love the tem.

Malice Acanthus said...

In 2007 when I first rezzed into secondlife it was a magical experience for me. Walking through the world where my dreams could and would be realized. You, Alia, and all of your creator friends made the beginning of my drow roleplay a reality. The detail, the unparalleled beauty that you managed to bring to your skins and everything else you've created over the years is a true wonder! I count myself one of the lucky ones to have been here since the beginning. My entire drow family in second life began with your creations. I await what comes next. And I thank you. <3

Lorin Tone said...

Alia, as always, brilliant. Some of us play small parts because (and I speak only for myself) our skill sets are somewhat limited and focused. You take the subject matter in hand and build it from the proverbial dust. Bravo as always onward in time for your wonderful work, and it's an honor to work with you.

Breezy Carver said...

Amazing creative !!! You do seem to get better yourself each year ya know ... Little details matter and You never forget to add a touch here and there. Aw Alia I shall always be a huge fan .. Through each of your custom builds ((both mini to Regions)) you take each of us on a magical vison , somehow You make it personial for each of us . Over a decade my Good Talented Modest Friend !!! Thank you from the center of my heart. Thank you for being , staying You and caring about Your creative and all of us that quietly flutter about and to you...
Always Breezy XOX ..
Again The Dolled up Pequins made my visit this year :)