Monday, March 16, 2009

I hate winter.

...unless I am on alps skiing, sleeping on a white fur near a fireplace (Bond style) and drinking jagger-tee. Thus, a touch of freshness with completely new skins.
FLEURS, available as gift in the Lucky Fortune teller, base is the work I started 5 months ago, wanting to enrich and, in my opinion, develop Fallen Gods human skins. This is what will soon come in 6 , maybe more, tones for each gender with the usual choice of 12-15 makeups. Wish me good luck, a lot of inspiration, time available and no distractions (which lately are quite high, it's spring..hormons, such...)
Anyway...hope you like them!Hahhahah, and find your match, hell!
Love you Fallens,
(A vid, summer is near, ready to live again)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrations, Holidays, Hunts, Gifts, Special things.

Let's start with Christmas... then: Valentine, Carnival, St.Patricks, Easter, Halloween...
I must be one of the few, but I am a bit sick of this all RL and SL. I love the celebrations when limited to the day or few days near it, but seems the moment one ends, the other starts as marketing, merchandizing, events... lately I felt I shall also add something each celebration as most do, but simply I feel it as a sort of slavery. Making something interesting, different is hard, and there's not too much to invent, and even if you do you are submerged by thousands of hunts, freebies of whatever quality and style. I am not against, far from that. I love any good reason to make a party, I just decided I will not feel obliged anymore to make a celebration gift for each one that comes. I have a lot of ideas for small events, gifts etc. that have to wait because, as example, I shall do something green with lucky charms and Four leaf thingies. Now again... I luuuv St.Patrick, and expecially Guiness..(HAHHAHAH, Thanks Goodness My Guiness!), but it's just not for me having to jump from festivity to festivity.... there are a lot of more things to do! So I apologize in advance if you don't receive something from me that is themed on the momentary celebration, and will be probably weird and related to some sort of other thing that I think is more adapt for the period.
I will get back again with a full stop and change of direction to my usual way of doing things, at least in that matter.
Some news are that I am working hard a lot of months already on the new human skins which will soon take the ground floor walls of the main temple, and send higher the old Gods. Soon will be more armours and weapons released too, and most important of all.... my favourite festivity will soon come: The Elemental's Full Moon ;)
Hope all is great with you, Yours

The gifts in the lucky chairs and Skins in the Fortune teller will be changed on March 15th... 2009(and not 44 b.c...) :P