Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keep calm and... retire.

There is a major rework plan of all of my creations that I have in mind been years, but the hard part was always: how to start.
As many know I am some sort of skinmaking veteran, meaning that most of my skins were made when tattoo layers weren't available in SL (and some skins were made when there wasn't yet windlight). With this not new anymore wonderful tool I am now able to rework and offer most of my skins in a different format, so I am starting from foam. The old editions are available still for a month on retirement sale 50% off untill the 14 of april and Foam body styling tattoo layers at Genre are on release half price at the event untill the 14 of april also.
I know, was time.

What should you expect in this future months from me?
- More retirement sales, see it as spring cleaning, at least untill Fantasy Faire (May 1-11). 
- New ways to offer skin designs and body enchancements.
- Appliers, appliers, appliers.
- Past Fantasy Faire builds for sale
- A new Libertine set
- And surprises...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Golden Spring

A splash of Gold for "We love Roleplay" March Event, as always 50% discounted.
Hope you enjoy,

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