Friday, June 30, 2023


Midsummer Enchantment is here, and brings the long missing Ainur body tattoo from the Ainulindale long retired gacha . Comes with new options, materials and design improvements. Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Celebrate Second Life's 20

Second Life Festivities are ongoing for it's 20 years Birthday celebration: events, shop and hop, SLBuilds, there's everything for everyone. Follows a list of locations that have me involved, hope you'll enjoy. Happy Birthday to our Community and Thank you Second Life,

Second Life Build Site: Requiem / Teleport / Dedicated build
Second Life Shop & Hop: Libertine / Teleport / Sale & gifts
Second Life Shop & Hop: Fallen Gods Inc. / Teleport / Sale & gifts
Second Life New Market Welcome HUB: Libertine / Teleport / Sale & gifts

Friday, June 16, 2023

Pridemania, Redeux, Fantasy Room

Summer is warming up, I am slowly starting to get back on track and am almost on a decent time to let you know about the events I am in. Pridemania is an instore event and Hunt with discounts and a gift, Fantasy Room brings back Lakshmi and Redeux returns the mer-favorites Aquaray, discounted oceanicas and other tattoos and Siren's call in a new format. Hope you enjoy,

I am slowly changing the format of tattoos that have color options sold separately into full packs. Siren's call is the first, if you purchased any of the colors you will receive the updated full set. If the update capped just use any casper vendor for a redelivery.

Pridemania TELEPORT / INFO -  Sale & Heart of Gold gradients Hunt Gift
Fantasy Room TELEPORT - Lakshmi re-released
Redeux TELEPORT - Aquaray re-released & discounts