Thursday, May 16, 2013

Genre ~ Science Fiction

Science Fiction.
Evolution Biologic, light overlay unisex Tattoos: A step closer to a new system.
Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Love Role-play

Indeed, we do. 
There shall be another blog post between this and the last release of the Faire, so much to share, good things, fun things, emotional moments as when we reached the 9 millions cap; a lot I would like to share but need time to word it precisely as I feel, to find the right many, from beauty, to idyll to total insanity. I will get back to it, when events get quiet, tell you a story maybe about Magnificat and what it means, but now: let Me introduce you to a brand new fresh event which I think will be a blast: We Love Role-play. What can you expect from My creations on this event is promotion and discounts, something I didn't before as many of you know but I changed idea over My approach mainly by the welcomed test of the Genre 100L Blood snakes. I will be offering 50% off stock skin lines, picking up two opposing editions for each gender, to allow you experiment with a new character or integrate an existing one. If you already own one of this skins I hope I'll manage to offer you next month something new you can try your hand at.
For an insight and updates on the event itself you can visit the official blog
Hope you enjoy,