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Sometimes I wish I started my store recently, fresh and new, so every creation is at the standards of the current SL evolution and development, but that doesn't last long because having 16 years of creations, support and patrons is something incredibly encouraging. Being mostly a creator of images when I don't dabble in decadent furniture or way too large builds, they give a certain persistency and immortality in their designs but not their quality. We all grow in our skills but also our tools and the media for which they are created improve, this is why I feel incredibly important to provide you with your favourite genetics and designs but with an up to date approach.
I know my updates have been coming since the inception of Fallen Gods Inc., and since scripted vendors became a thing I tried my best every few years to evolve my stock while together also bringing new ideas. This process every time costs me months of work, of effort and also mental strength to go back to old works and  revamp them, be it with appliers once, as now with evox, materials and improving the old BOM formats.
I am very grateful to you for sticking up with me, for your patience and understanding in how the process works and I hope you will enjoy the new renditions of your skins and tattoos,

This page will be updated as the process continues, after the first publication I will add a -new- mark on what was added and put it on top of the list. I am not giving any timeline for specific products, but know my goal is to update, fix and add formats to most of my products.
If you find any issue with an updated product please let me or Sonya know, thank you in advance.
If in doubt check your Casper redelivery page.

There is a major upgrade in the works over most of the products that will solve the following issues: 
- skins: no nail shading on hands and feet, pg & nb options, evox. Design fixes and Materials where applicable.
- tattoos: re-packaging with no color selection but tintable modifiable BOM versions, evox where needed.  Design fixes and Materials where applicable. Each single color will get its free full pack update.
Please consider this information while buying not yet updated products and that any update will take time with no ETA defined. And ultimately...
PLEASE TRY DEMOS All demos also Include Evox Layers and Image Previews of products.

/ + materials - Materials are included
APPle BOB - Released since the big appliers mesh revolution to the back to BOM wave. It means it was released since mesh bodies were introduced. This spans years, meaning older versions have Appliers of various nature obsolete now and some not optimized BOM layers. 
BOM was never discontinued and is included in all products.
Check each product for specific contents.
If a Product line just mentions a few tones means the rest is applebob.

Both genders - Update for all consists of optimised BOM for hands and feet (all products already include BOM as system layers were never discontinued in the first place), Evox ears and head layers and Materials where aplicable. Materials support Omega, Maitreya, Evox and Legacy.

Elementals - Complete skin line
Draugr - Complete skin line
Carved - Complete skin line /+ materials
Frost - Complete skin line  /+ materials
Opal - Ivory, Ice, Laguna, Pearl, Mara/Svarog /+ materials
Opalfae - applebob
Expanding Universe - applebob
Depth - applebob
Anima - applebob
Aurora Borealis - Complete skin line
Spirit - applebob
Sidera - applebob
Psychic - Astrolight Odyssey
Tao -  applebob
Flow - applebob
Nirvana - applebob
Evolution Biologic - applebob
Oceanica - applebob
Thalassa - applebob
Dryads -  Blackwood /+ materials
Druids - Complete skin line /+ materials
Humanitas - applebob
Angelicus - applebob
Pure - Obsidian, Ebony Blood, Ebony Ivory, Ebony Aquamarine, Ebony Emerald, Ice, Laguna, Pearl, Abyss, Cerulean, Odyssey, Petrol, Sapphire, Storm, -NEW-> Fire, Lava, Blood, Terra Humanitas, Terra, Wine
Materica - Rust /+ materials
Blessed - applebob
Gilded - Complete skin line, materials planned
Draco - applebob
Scales - applebob
Dynasty - applebob
Uruk Kin - applebob
Death - applebob
Cadaver - Complete skin line
Rotten - applebob
Lacrimosa - applebob

Druid - All Avatars Updated
Tresor - All Avatars Updated
Dynasty - applebob
Oracle - All Avatars Updated
Guardian - applebob
Opus - applebob
Chronos - applebob
Vanitas - applebob
Infinity - applebob
Solaris - applebob
Scarab - applebob

Separated into store display areas for easier browsing, only updated products are listed. Other Products might need an update or are simply up to standard since release. Please as usual check each panel individually.

Children of Void
Eir (ex gacha, no free update available)
Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Sight
Celtic Warrior
Electric Hands
Ainur (ex gacha, no free update available)
Nature's Tiara
Fleurs face tattoos
Wilvarin (ex gacha, no free update available)
Sigils of Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Samael -new-

Raiju (ex gacha, no free update available)
Metropolis Rust 

Mariposa (ex gacha, no free update available)
Sak Yants (some are ex gachas, no free update available)
Lakshmi (ex gacha, no free update available)

Mark of the Damned
Dead Man's Grin
Your Face, all Editions
Wraith, all Editions

Fallenstein - Rotten Ivory, Rotten Coal (ex gacha, no free update available)

Listing only updated ones. Those products contain Updaters, to get your redelivery you must rez your product box.

Tresor, Silvercoated Coal, Election Ed.
Draugr, Cosmic Oracle, Election Ed.

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