Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween & Festival End?

Dear Fallens, 
The time has come to close Fallen Gods Inc. 11th Anniversary Festival, or did it? I am currently up in the north to attend Samhuinn and won't be back before the 6th of November, this means I am not able to dismantle most of the activities on Selidor and the Festival setup. The Fortune, willing creators at the market, seeker of memories and activities areas will stay up until the 7th for you to complete, visit and enjoy them. QUASAR though ends tomorrow and today is its last day, so be sure to get your hunt done before tomorrow as the HUD givers will be deactivated and locations on the hunt path will probably get their stones off, remember just one stone missing makes the Hunt unable to get completed.
I hope you had a great time at this past festival month and I see you at my return, well loaded in rest, beer, fires and drumming.

Friday, October 26, 2018


The Second Second Life NOOBCON is here, transforming Selidor into a living conceptual rebirth of the Noob Avatar, from 2007 till today, showcase your best Noobness, help Noobs, celebrate Noobism!

27/10 Saturday, 10am - NOOBCON opening and freebies
27/10 Saturday, 11am - NOOBCON Panel: meet the ex-noobs

27/10 Saturday, 1-4pm The Burning Noob Party with DJs Vasa Vella, David Abbot & Glitch Mode

Amazing Freebies include: 

Amazing featured tunes include:

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fallen God & Goddess Election 2018, Winners & Awards

Dear Fallen,
Thank you so much for being part of the 11th Anniversary Festival and Contest. A record of 178 participants this year, amazing looks, pictures and approaches to my creations: as every year I can't thank you enough for bringing them to life. I enjoyed every single picture that came along and took my time to look at them all and appreciate the time, effort and passion taken in each one. I hope you had fun and we'll repeat the experience next year.
Alia Baroque

This Year a Special Gallery is up at the temple with all the winners
TELEPORT to the Temple (SLurl)

This Year Gift Cards will be delivered to you directly, I'll also Instant Message you to let you know that you win and also congratulate you for rocking it out! Please be patient as I cover all of you as it will take me some time to reach you all personally.

★ All contestants will receive a limited edition skin for participating. ★
I am using an automated system that will send you a message and the box when you are online: Thank You +Fallen God & Goddess Election 2018 [BOX]
I am going to stop the automated delivery after ten days of this post, if you do not login in that time and do not get your participation prize please contact me personally. Do so also in case of any missed delivery.

♱  JURY  ♱
▶ First Prize: CloverDunne
Fallen Goddess 2018 Title, L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Abinathra
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Damoira
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Fionalein
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Vasa Vella
Fallen God 2018 Title, L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: somagroup
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: DaveOSaurus
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Linn Darkwatch
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Meishagirl, 82
L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Jondariel, 66
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Isabel Ramos, 58
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Thus Yootz, 53
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Santanamiguel, 143
L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Lucifel Fallen, 121
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Cale Alcott, 80
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Fenn MacMoragh, 54
L$500 Gift Card

▶ Grand Prize: Sukubia Scarmon
L$10000 Gift Card
▶ First Prize: Clover Jinx, Thus Yootz, arualblues, Tamzin Xigalia, Sugarfairy88, Whimmzy
L$5000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Damoira, santanamiguel, Lucifel Fallen, Cayenne Republic, Naja Perl
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Lee Mechanique, Tamarind Silverfall, Liang Scorpio, Acarna Drachios, Sweetlarma, Towcb Torrance
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Chandni Khondji, JustenTyme, MileNikoletta, WanderingSoul
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Lucavi Couturier
L$5000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Malakir, Thalia Lupindo, FoxybyNature, Quarvyr Greymoon
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Aznana Shieldmaiden, darkchangeling, Aelva, Cale Alcott, Severity27, aileenlilangel
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner Up: Oxygen Staryk, Serenity Couerblanc, Scarlettelizabet, Daisie Aeon, Rick Daylight, Sky Haramori
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Darlingmonster Ember
L$5000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Gareth Ellsmere, Coober Galicia
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: TerraWinds, Prettyflower Vale, somagroup
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner Up: MitsukiShadow, Gwen Matthews, Ancasta, Clifton Landar, denaliav, Fawkes Allen, Orlenn
L$500 Gift Card

▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: L$600 Gift Card

Amethyst Dovgal

Eve Gaelyth, Rinoa Ireto

Shauna Greymoon, Affe Wolkenberg

Kitiara Spingflower, Asharr


▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: L$200 Gift Card

◆ HORMONES AWARD (AKA Alia-has-no-shame) ◆
Magdalena Kamenev, Niobe Flux

Drake Vyceratops

Magnek Fang, Isa Rovio


Luciola Scorpio, Keeper Coeur

 ▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: a fish bone
Clover Dezno

Abinathra 22
Acarna Drachios 36
Aelva 28
AileenLilAngel 23
Aisling Sinclair 25
akikokinoshi 21
Amethyst Dovgal 21
Ancasta 33
Aradia Mistwood 21
arualblues 24
ArwennEvenstarUndomiel 23
astarynite 22
Aznana Shieldmaiden 32
Bizarre Obscure 20
Blueray Darkes 21
Breezy Carver 21
Caitlyn Haiku 20
Casimora 21
Cayenne Republic 42
Cestryn 21
Chandni Khondji 21
Clover Jinx 34
CloverDunne 22
Daisie Aeon 21
Damoira 41
Darlingmonster Ember 30
Davina Innovia 22
Deepbluejoy 29
Dena Farspire 20
denaliav 22
draconismetallix 21
Elayne Diavolo 34
Emilly Orr 22
Eve Gaelyth 23
Fiona Bernandes 41
Fionalein 24
FoxyByNature 22
GawddessEternal 20
Gordina Brandi 21
gurlashley 20
Gwen Matthews 21
Hoodoo Hexicola 22
ilham Vaher 25
Isa Rovio 23
IsabelRamos 58
Jadcat 20
Jadeka Wirefly 20
Jae Eyre 24
Jessamine2108 26
Jilke25 21
Jondariel 66
Judistrange 21
Kalciphear 20
Keeper Coeur 25
Kemy Scorpio 20
Kerryth Tarantal 22
KimberleyAlice1961 19
Kitacelia 20
Kitiara Spingflower 21
Krystal Iridescent 25
Kydana 20
ladyseana 20
Liang Scorpio 25
lilasantana1 24
Lucavi Couturier 22
Lyric Longfall 28
Magdalena Kamenev 22
Meishagirl 82
Melyna Foxclaw 26
MitsukiShadow 24
MlleNikoletta 23
Moonlitecat 22
Naja Perl 31
Naughty Glimmer 21
Nerolium 21
Niobe Flux 23
Nyree Rain 21
o0elster0o 21
Octavia Gearbox 21
Oracle Foresight 21
Orlenn 20
Osire 21
Peaches Enoch 22
PrettyFlower Vale 27
psiberangel 21
Quinlan Placebo 21
Randomcomplimentgirl 20
Rejaraillani 23
Rinoa Ireto 47
Rosemyrta 20
Rosetyler Cardiff 19
SaraDarkheart 21
Scarlettelizabet 24
Seiya Perl 20
Serenity Couerblanc 20
severity27 27
Shadowsage Constantine 21
Shauna Greymoon 27
Sky Haramori 22
Smarjia Aldrin 21
Sonya Marmurek 41
Squirrel Landar 21
Stangbo 22
StarSailor Luminos 20
Sue Unplugged 21
Sugarfairy88 42
Sukubia Scarmon 44
Sunspark Mocha 20
Sweetlarma 20
SylviaFoxfire 21
Tamarind Silverfall 23
Tamzin Xigalia 45
TerraWinds 21
Thalia Lupindo 21
Thaylynn 19
Thus Yootz 53
Togli Dagger 21
Trilby5thdimension 22
TrisanaWolfrider 21
Una Seerose 22
Unalunaqat 20
Unicornis Alchemi 17
whimmzy 23
Zaraklani Magne 21
Zevyah 25

Affe Wolkenberg 32
Ardrhys 21
Asharr 50
Benjaminbunnykins 31
Cale Alcott 80
Cambieul Thane 35
Chivase 21
Chronos Gunn 24
Clifton Landar 25
Coober Galicia 27
Cricket Crabe 24
darkchangeling 25
DaveOSaurus 21
Deo Scorpio 21
Drake Vyceratops 21
Ethan leSabre 21
Fawkes Allen 26
Fenn MacMoragh 54
Gareth Ellsmere 29
Graydirk Enoch 27
Guillermo275 crazyboi 21
HarryHypernova 25
JustenTyme 43
Lee Mechanique 30
Linn Darkwatch 30
Lucifel Fallen 121
Luciola Scorpio 21
Magnek Fang 22
Malakir 35
Nacre Swindlehurst 21
Omnifarious905 21
Oxygen Staryk 34
Quarvyr Greymoon 24
randomcomplimentguy 24
RedwoodRand 31
Rian OHanlon 21
Richardgratainesuoh 42
Rick Daylight 23
SamPuren 30
santanamiguel 143
Silverfox Rainbow 22
somagroup 40
Stan Frenzy 26
steve0521 21
Sylain 18
TitusRemus 46
Towcb Torrance 32
Vasa Vella 34
WanderingSoul 53
Webb Luminos 25
Xaver Zapatero 26
Zealot Sunkiller 22
ZynWyrwing 20

Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ice Olympics 2018

The Festival hosts the Ice Olympics obstacle course and opens its Gates for a memorable week dedicated to Penguin abilities and sports. Gift Cards to be won to the best athletes! While the Olympics will last a full 24 hours the training obstacle course is already open for you to learn how to be the best Ice Athlete on the grid! Cayenne is also volunteering to teach you the basics and compete. Hope you enjoy!

23/10 8 am 
TRAINING Ice Olympics for Beginners, with Cayenne
24/10 8 am
TRAINING Ice Olympics for Beginners, with Cayenne
25/10 4 pm 
Ice Olympics Opening Party and Penguin Torch carriers
26/10 4 pm

Ice Olympics Award Ceremony and Celebration 
(Fishslapping required)
Ice Olympics Open 4 pm, 25/10 - Close 4 pm, 26/10

Previous Training scores will be reset before the Opening of the Olympics Day.

Some training music

All creatures are welcome! 
Tinier creatures are required to succesfully pass through the Course
Pingu Olympics - Spidey Pingu Olympics Cayenne Flower Pingu Olympics Testing 4 Pingu Olympics Testing 3 Pingu Olympics Testing 2 Pingu Olympics Testing 1 Pingu Olympics Portrait

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I am glad to participate to the 18th "Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Secrets of Moonlight". Lasting from the 28 of September to the 28 of October and featuring Fantasy and medieval stores and creations.
Hope you enjoy!

More info on:
Hint: Every portal shall have its guarding moon
Teleport to the Temple (SLurl)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The 11th Anniversary Party

Join us Saturday 20 October, from 11 am to 11 pm for the Ultimate Party catastrophe and celebrate with us: twelve Hours, Seven Djs, 12 themed Contests with 24 Gift Cards to win.
The Traditional Official Fallen Gods Inc. 11th Anniversary party awaits you!
TELEPORT to the Festival and Events (party stage unavailable until Saturday)

11am-12pm slt, The Fallen Divines
The traditional opening of Anniversary Party, with all the Fallen Gods and Goddesses showcasing their best looks and outfits. This is the only contest where a Fallen Gods Inc. skin is required.
12-1pm slt, Heart of Darkness
Come all of you gothic and dark souls in the hour of deep darkness, obscure romance, decadence and Noir. Evil laughs and dramatic sobs not provided. (Bring your own)
with DJ Lainey Thorne - Dance divinely to the rocking sound by Lainey with a madness mix where she also warns us..."We all have our favourite tune but what happens when another band takes that song and makes it their own? You will either love it, hate it or say what were they thinking!"

1-2pm slt, Angels & Demons
The Traditional Heaven and Hell hour where the Armies of Good & Evil dance together for a night.
2-3pm slt, The Bad Roleplayer Hour
Come as a worst, or best, SL roleplay character and keep IC during the whole shift:  OOC talk is approved, being IC and BTB will be counted as Voting standard. Arena mode requested.
with DJ Rykk  - It's All About The Music" If it's Classic Rock and Metal especially!

3-4pm slt, Infamous Lookalikes
Come as someone else, infamous or famous Lookalikes of all realities, shapes, forms and entities reunite!
4-5pm slt, The Traditional Calypso Tropical Bikini Cocktail Conga Hour
It's all about the Conga baby.
with DJ David Abbot - David will as ever be working his way through the largest pile of cheese this side of the Dordogne. Expect 80s pop, Disco, New Wave, at least one Weird Al record and some truly awful jokes. 

5-6pm slt, Raining Colors
The most colourful hours of all! Bring all the rainbow on yourself and show us the most colourful avatars ever made
6-7pm slt, Steam Punks in Space from the Future Beyond
From steam punks to high technology, future and alien races in a whole Science Fiction and futuristic Shift.
with DJ G Winz - A far out big beat mix of retro exotica, sci-fi nostalgia grooves, future soul, sassy electroswing, steampunk folkstep & psychedelic bongo jazz for two themes that look close but are light years apart.

7-8pm slt, Halloween Monster Mash & Bash
An all out traditional Halloween Hour with all you can think of buffet, from evil clowns to slasher movies.
8-9pm slt, Alia's Ark
Only Animals allowed, Anthro and tinies welcome, imaginary or real.
with DJ Glitch Mode

9-10pm slt, The Druid Circle
Distant Drums call all forest folk, from orcs to centaurs, from Elementals to Satyrs, from dryads to witches come for a night dance of fires and senses.
10-11pm slt, Nearly Naked & Jammies Hour 
Let's get ready for bed and wrap up this party, choose your style of sleep attire: Best censorships, non-nude nudes, pasties, pajamas and Non NSFW nsfw, tinies welcome.
with DJ Vasa 
and with DJ Random Aine - Requests.. and a mix of eclectic/ celtic/ oldies and hearts desires to get us ready for bedtime and close the party with the best slippers on the grid.

All About Themed Contests
- Except for the first theme (The Fallen Divines) you can wear any creator's look or avatar
- Contest boards will be separated by gender
(If you mistake board you will be automatically disqualified by the wrong one so don't worry about joining the correct one after. If you are gender neutral pick one you identify with more or prefer during most of your SL)
- Only people in themed costumes can participate and join the boards.
- Every Winner gets a 1000L$ Gift Card, transferable, to spend at Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine vendors. (works only with gen 2 Casper vendor products)

Monday, October 15, 2018

Activites: Melee Tournament

Sharpen your blades and join us for the Ultimate Gladiator challenge! Everyone is welcome, from experienced to casual fighters. You are free to train in the newly setup Sky Arena just for the event. (Unity Maxim Meter used)
TELEPORT here to the Training Area
TELEPORT to the Tournament (Unavailable until Friday 18th)
Check the complete Festival Event schedule here

17/10 Wednesday, 4 pm - Training session for beginners
17/10 Thursday, 4 pm - Training session for beginners
19/10 Friday, 4 pm - Melee Tournament
Friday 19 of this Festival is dedicated traditionally to our Melee Tournament, A Gladiator Arena Hosting a Unity Meter Driven Tournament with 5000L$ worth of Giftcards to Win. Everyone is welcome to try their blade and challenge professional and beginner fighters. Participation Boards will open at 4pm and Close at 4.30pm so come in time! Join us also as  audience to enjoy some sane blood butchering on Friday evening led by Fenn MacMoragh. Hope to see you there,

◆ Tournament Rules & Prizes ◆
When: Friday 19/10, 4pm slt 
Contest Board open: 4.00 pm slt
Tournament Starts: 4.30 pm slt
Game Marshall: Fenn MacMoragh
Unity Meter: Tournament Mode Only
One Melee Weapon only, you must use the same weapon the whole tournament. A Free Tournament sword will be provided to you.
No Heals
No magic huds
No stamina potions or poses
No flying
No jump or speed enhancers
Sign in starts at 4:00PM SLT. Tournament starts at 4:30PM SLT.
Sign in to Board
Single Elimination
When name is called please report to center of arena, the Marshall will check your weapons.
Once done he will have you move to opposite sides and then shout 3 - 2 - 1 - GO
Match will be decided by first person down. If match goes for more than 5 minutes, the Marshall will call ONE MINUTE after one minute the person with the highest health will be declared the winner.
Please remember this is a combat match, no running away to avoid combat and to rebuild health, doing so you will receive one warning a second time and you could forfeit the match.

The Marshall is the sole judge and arbitrator, the Marshall does not argue. All decisions of the Marshall are final.
1st Place - 2500L$ Gift Card
2nd Place - 1000L$ gift Card
3rd Place - 500L$ Gift Card

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Opus Ruby

The Final Anniversary release is here, I am joining my friends in the Market and setting up a new 30% discounted creation: Opus Ruby, a variation of the original Opus available as a prize at the Fortune teller. Wherever you wish the Opus look without playing or you enjoy more the dramatic red flare, this is your chance to get it on a discount. The original Opus will be on sale after the Fortune Teller promotion in November and Opus Ruby sold on regular price. So go check the Festival market  if you didn't yet and I hope you are having a good time,

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Activities: Sky Pirates

Tonight the first Edition of Sky Pirates, Wacky races and a variety of sky battles and fights will start at the Festival. Taking place on the Annon region, one of the Fallen Gods Archipelago, the Activity offers a different way to get you a chance to have fun, enjoy the company and win some Gift Cards to Fallen Gods Inc. products.
The Activity area will be available during the whole Festival Month and a few Sky Pirates events will take place depending on its popularity and request. I hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing you Ace the skies!

TELEPORT: SLurl to the Sky Platform

Current Event Schedule:

Sky Pirates: The First Match
Thursday 11/10, 1-4pm
1-2.30 Sky Ace Best Dressed contest
2.30-4 Sky Pirate Best Dressed contest
Dj Doob spinning music, two Best Dressed Shifts for best Sky Pirates & Sky Aces, 4 Warbug Dogfights (20 min each). 2 Sky Ballon team battles & 2 Airballon team battles (Experimental as it's the first round of such an activity, BETA)

NOTICE THAT The Regionof the event is a Homestead, means can host a maximum of 25 people.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Elementals Reborn

Elementals are Reborn bringing to its Reflection, the number 11, new creatures made of matter and thought. The first incarnation of those creatures came to life on Year One of Fallen Gods and it's been the launch to the Grid of what today is known as the brand. They come through various portals and various events in a variety of gemmed runes on the classic tone Dust, hoping you will enjoy the ability to change intensity of the flares. With reflection and insight, Yours,

Elementals are, and will be, released on the following locations:
(All the sets will be available on sale at regular price at the Temple after the events)
Elemental Amethyst - available as prize for the Quasar Hunt, 3-31/10 (click this link to know more)
Elemental Citrine - will be available 31% off at the "Trick or Treat Lane" Event 12/10 - 2/11(coming soon)
Elemental Turquoise - available 30% off at the "We Love Roleplay" Event 4-31/10 (click this link for slurl)
Elemental Ruby - available 30% off at the "We Love Roleplay" Event 4-31/10 (click this link for slurl)

Thursday, October 4, 2018


I am back again this month to Gachaland for a spooktacular round with Runeflare, a tattoo that integrates Elementals skin line but also can be worn standalone. A remake of the twisted tattoo in black unreleased since in the hunt two years ago, comes in many colours and with the traditional exclusive that will be retired after the event. Also be sure to check a spooky gift for you, Blood gaze in coal, hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


The Fortune Teller is back through the mystic portal: bending dimensions to bring you the ultimate incarnation of mystic runes it celebrates Fallen Gods Incarnated 11th Year. 
Hope you enjoy and good luck finding your match!

Lucky Fortune Teller Prize, 1-31 October 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

11th Anniversary Festival Market

Dear Fallens,
October is finally here and the Portal appeared opening officially this year's Anniversary Festival. Fallen Gods Incarnated celebrates its 11th year and is honored to host a market with a yearly traditional showcase of friendly talents that are beloved, admired and shared with you. Hope you enjoy! 
Alia & Friends

This year's Anniversary Festival Market is proud to host:
{Acios} - [ Aleutia ] - alpha.tribe - Anklebiter - .Arcadia. - Artisan Fantasy - Astalianda - AtaMe - Balderdash - Banana Banshee - Belle Epoque - Bliensen + MaiTai - Cam on Me - Candle and Cauldron - [Cubic Cherry] - !dM deviousMind - E.V.E - Faida - Fantasy China - Fantavatar & Moonstruck - Ghoul 喰種 - グール - *~*HopScotch*~* - The Ippos Collective - *Independent Objects* - ~Jeanette's Joint~ - Jinx - Lacrime dell'anima - Lilith's Den - The Looking Glass - MacMoragh an Gabha - Mindgardens Creations - Musa - :{MV}: - NeverWish - On A Lark - OXIDE - Pacifique Halloween - Poet's Heart - Polenth's Mushporium - Roawenwood - Satyrs Moon - Schadenfreude - Secrets of Gaia - Silvan Moon Designs - Simply Shelby - Solarium - Spyralle - Swank Events - ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ - United InshCon - Velvet Whip - VENGE - .Viki. - Wasabi - Whymsical Marketplace - On their way: Senzafine - Dark Passions - Rivendale

A personal heartfelt thank you to all of the creators and friends that made room for the event, knowing how busy October schedule is. It's a joy to have you all every year to enrich Selidor's creative flow. A Special thank you to my partner Sonya for managing the MArket and following all creators, I couldn't do it without you.