Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ankle Biters

Hello little critters, to thank you for getting so in many, before I build those traps and cages, am sending you a simple courtesy outfit. A cross gift with Fallen Gods group where you can get the outfit for your normal sized avatar, in disguise.
Dear Fallen, fullsized, girls, here's a small gift to forgive My late dedication exclusively to petite critters, a cross gift with the newborn petite group where you can catch the small sized outfits.
Dear Fallen, huge sized boys, am working on new stuff to survive cute tiny pastel overdose, so expect more "Sinful" evil somewhere soon.
Now, if you'll excuse Me, I have alive panda puppies to roast for dinner.

Hope you enjoy ;)

the evil mood song

Friday, January 20, 2012

Who'll love Aladdin Sane?

Yes, I know I am late for his birthday, and no news for veteran fallens, that I am a big Bowie fan. But I thought this hunt can be a wonderful way to share and also celebrate this amazing musician and incredible personality, poet and artist.

About "Where is the Concert?" Hunt
Visit the hunt website for a list of all participating locations, information and hints too!
Although the Hunt can be started from any of the 52 locations,
Mankind Tracer & The Follow's venues are the 2 getting started locations:

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Do you believe in fairies?
Imps? Small strange creatures that look exactly as you?
Well I didn't untill I started this join venture with Yabusaka, and the result are petites.
We chose to call them petites, to not limit the idea of those avatars to only fairies but also to any kind of interesting race and character you wish, that finally can be of the right size. To start with and see how the idea is perceived by you, I chose to make 3 starter packs that include also the outfits, you can see each pack specs on those panel pics:
I warmly suggest (so warmly, that it gets hot) that you try the demos provided to see if you own a capable mesh viewer and have no issues in enjoying them, and please read the important note in the demo folder, for mesh troubleshooting and other very important things you must know.
Petites also come with two HUDS, one for tinting your skin as ever you wish, another for many options as: face expressions, alpha hiding of body parts, fullbright, glow and metal, and you get 3 hand poses you can combine for a natural flowing look. All of the 3 tones in each pack include PG body options and 3 makeups.

We hope more creators will join the petite team to make pretty small things for those creatures, but for now I can assure you Mochi from Pink Fuel has her hands on, as Elizabeth from Frippery and Sharni from the Looking Glass, and Cerberus from G-Field made an awesome set of fairy outfits you can arrange with Wasabi Pills Orion rigged mesh hair, adapted specifically for petites, all this to not mention Yabusaka's own full avatar with a special g-field outfit tone included.

Hope you enjoy them as I did working on them.
I will soon work on a fairy trap and cage, if you get too many,

Petites Kingdom at Yabusaka:

Sunday, January 8, 2012


The Tao special option lays not much in the skin itself, but more in the tattoo layers that not only can be applied over the skins included in this product, but also over any of your skins. They work best with second generation Fallen Gods skins, but they are versatile to any customization you choose. The idea is to bring a wider range of half skins in the future by first seeing how this idea is perceived with the original Tao tones as first.
Hope you Enjoy,

More previews
A personal note:
I have no idea from where the tao idea came and why, but I found the whole seams and body bumps screwing it all challenging. Pretty aware is something not for every day use, am figuring out if it actually can become something more of a tao, for your RP uses or else.
Will see.

Half what?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apocalypse 2012

Fallen Gods Inc. Official Group will be Closed to Join
from “almost now” till 6th January 2012.
Maybe you are still in time to head over the Apocalypse....
As the ring bells over the start of a New Year, as tradition I share a special edition skin with you each year, but instead of closing the group for two weeks as those past years and sending the skins through notices, this year I thought of something more fast, enigmatic and hopefully fun to play too, letting you enter this year with a brand new and limited Fallen Gods skin.
After Rebirth and Transmutation Elemental editions in 2009 and 2010, this year is the Dragon taking the spotlight, will you be able to follow the clues and find the Hidden Fallen Cove of Apocalypse?

If you are already in the Fallen Gods Inc. Official group then light up your tag , check notices and get your starter box, Hope you enjoy, and again: Happy New Year.