Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pure Pastels

To end a series of skin releases here's pure pastels for those that craved simple variants of already released evolution skins. Violet, musk and argentum come now as pure as ever. A main store release 30% for Group member that will last until June 3rd (Official group is free to join).
Hope you enjoy,

Monday, May 6, 2019

Goodbye to Aear

I've been thinking about letting go of Aear and Annon since 2013 and never managed myself to do it. Today it's not hard to say goodbye to one of the Regions, Aear, but I still struggle to decide over Annon. They are still the old 2008-2009 builds and I don't feel them anymore as organic extensions and part of my SL world vision. I will miss them, sure, but I didn't spend a day on them in the past 5 years and with the upgrade of prim counts on regions their existence is now uncertain as I can express my ideas on much less space with more detail.
My choice over Annon is still hanging there as I am not sure if I have yet a vision for a new makeover of the lands, but I firmly decided to let at least Aear go for now, so today as the Faire closes to the public and live for a just few days, I feel is the right moment to also let go of the light of the Archipelago

And now: a clear talk about money, tiers and open intention
(Please read this if you have a sudden moment of fundraising intention or similar, otherwise skip)
I am not interested in selling them or any contribution for their extended existence, the tip jar was always there so it won't make a difference as I take this choice happily and without regrets. The overall cost of both regions yearly was 2400US$, while their tier maintenance until now averages more than 27.000US$ including purchase and tier price change that occured a few years ago. I paid that amount gladly as I believe in supporting Linden Labs and the grid and wouldn't have done differently if I didn't think I couldn't afford it with my SL income. Considering I still do own 3 additional regions, you can guess my still current dedication on having regions in Second Life. So please, if anyone has a sudden moment of making a fundraiser thinking I am doing this because of a dire need, don't. I won't accept it and is not needed. If I wanted to keep the regions, I would have as I did in this past decade.

I hope you enjoyed it until now and will remember the region with fondness, happy memories and longing, but I also hope you will be excited to see the new rebuild and update of the rest of the Arcipelagus of Fallen Gods that I plan for this summer. Yours,

There is a chance I might make the Aear Lighthouse build for sale in rezzers for you to feature them, but I cannot guarantee when.


Date Due: this Saturday/Sunday, 11 May 2019

A Gallery of a decade of wonderful artists showcasing the regions on FLickr: 
Aear: click for link

Hightower Aear 

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Lair of Lantoris

The last weekend of this Year's Faire is approaching, with so many things to see and do still. The Adventure Quests finally awaits you too, with a few bumps due to happy adventurers and LL codemagics, but also a lot of help by fellow fairelanders if needed. You can start the Quest by getting your hud and it's patch at any Faire arrival point. Here are a few previews of my Quest gifts and useful links. Hope you enjoy,

LINK to Official Quest page
LINK to Quest help page
Teleport to Fantasy Faire
Official Fantasy Faire page