Monday, June 22, 2015


New release and collaboration with Titania for the Fantasy Collective. ( SLurl )
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Spirit of Dreams

This year am honoured to be part of the SL Birthday Celebration.
Here's a small tribute to my favourite team and time of the year:

The spirit of Dreams SLurl

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Check the Hunt!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


A new collaboration with Titania, so far my favourite dress we made together. For a very nice "Game of Thrones" inspired Event: The Conquest. ( SLurl )
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Going sailing till the 27, going to not be able to help inworld till then. Am availablerandomly on phone so send me offlines if you need assistance or informations.

The Empress

Since the 15 of this month am happy to be part of a wonderful series of unexpected events. Now at its 4th Major Arcana it will cover all 22 Tarot Cards on a monthly interval. Located on one of the SL most inspiring and iconic landmarks and beautifully buit Verdigris it's ready to welcome you with it's royal Lady and inspire you to create..  your own Tarot.
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Sonya's Blog Post with all the styling:

Even if the event spans officially from the 15 to the 15, around the deadline there's a few days of setup so it's best to wait a few days to see the whole line of creations.

Creat your own Tarot
Location SLUrl
Official Website:

About the Major Arcana:

None (0 or 22) The Fool
1 The Magician
2 The High Priestess
3 The Empress
4 The Emperor
5 The Hierophant
6 The Lovers
7 The Chariot
8 (or 11) Justice
9 The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune
11 (or 8) Strength
12 The Hanged Man
13 Death
14 Temperance
15 The Devil
16 The Tower
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Sun
20 Judgment
21 The World

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fantasy Faire Wrap up party

Dear Fairefolks and Fallens,
Under terrible threats from Dinkie officers and Tiny police, I got forced to lend my lands to a secret scandalous raveparty of 12 hours. Starting Today at Noon SLT and ending ad Midday SLT there's a mara-thong of music, auctions and most important of all RFL Fundising. And yes you can come party even if you are broke, free music, booze, grill and cocktails offered.
The event was organized by Lauren and "Friends Fighting Cancer", the original team of Fantasy Faire, so I'll just be part of the Furniture and try to keep the platform afloat!

Hope to see you there,

A bunny made some pictures. Thank you.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Legacy Continues

The Legacy of Maul skins are out, Coal and Eclipse for both genders. We Love Roleplay is a great chance to test new editions and see how are perceived with an additional discount to tempt a try on. Am continuing the use of the new generation genetics through the merge of an old and still popular tattoo of mine that's openly inspired by Star Wars Lore. The tattoo itself is sitll available but has not yet included any appliers and tends to create a very harsh outline on the skins where the skin edition merges better with the genetic base. I hope you enjoy it and if it goes well will think about more skin tones to come. Visit the event to try a demo and check around for more great creativity by many awesome brands!

We Love Role-Play SLurl
We Love Role-Play Official Website

(Functioning) Appliers Included in each edition:
Each skin set comes with Face and Body Appliers for Omega, SLink and The Mesh Project, included also appliers for Lotus Platinum for male skins and Soul uniears for both genders, everything transfer.