Monday, December 30, 2013

Frost Petites

Winter Fairies, little blocks of ice came to life, new Frosted Petites entering this 2014. With my best wishes for a wonderful New Year where we all wish to live.

By tradition the Fallen Gods Inc. Group will soon close for a few days, ask veteran Fallens why. You might wish to join and let your friends do so before it closes. (No exceptions this time)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best Wishes under the Tree

Dear Fallens,
As every year  Christmas rings its bells long before it’s even on the horizon. We wait, almost annoyed by all the hype, but then when we face it there’s always a feeling of not wanting to miss it, of having it slip trough your fingers too fast.
Well… this all doesn’t really work for me this year… all it’s summer here, am having the 24th dinner in a jailhouse (arrested for whalestalking)… almost all of my friends and family are on the other side of the world and 12 hours behind me …so well…I’ll peel potatoes tomorrow for a charity mission and go get drunk after.
Jingle Bells!
I also have to postpone the release of the Goth Marquis since I cannot get the textures done. Please stay tuned for any news about it. For what concerns gifts under the tree though, I have the most amazing of friends that filled the Fallen tree with a huge base of wonderful heartfelt trees and wishes. Since I didn’t had time to finish my new gift, I will put lots of various retired freebies and gifts in my wishes hoping you’ll forgive my erratic presence and inability to comply well deadlines.
Said this….Have a wonderful Christmas dear Friends and a New 2014 Year, 


Don’t forget to visit all of the trees from the circle!
Thank you bunny for the picture.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Gothmas

Merry Gothmas Dear Fallens!
Applier compatible new paleness Anemia skintone, which I felt  missing in the range between esangue and ghost, is now available in a discounted full pack at Gothmas by Gaslight to celebrate this Evil Christmas Eve. Hope you enjoy, 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Draco Glacier Scaled and Crystal Ice Opal Gloss for this round at We love Roleplay, enjoy the freeze! 

Event Location (Opens at 11 am slt):
Official Blog:

P.S. I apologize. I again couldnt' resist that blog post title.
Greetings from the sky.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


"The two holidays of Halloween and Christmas have always existed in a fantasy world, connected to our world by a magical portal. Every Halloween the portal activates and the gates of Halloween Town open to let little monsters enter our world to knock on doors and fill their sacks full of delicious candy.
Although both holidays never cared for each other, they put aside their differences and lived in harmony. However, something terrible has happened. Santa awoke to find his prized reindeer Rudolph stabbed to death with a banner from Halloween Town planted through his corpse. Clearly this was a declaration of war and an attack on Christmas by Halloween! 

Will you be the Hero of the Holidays or will both holidays be destroyed forever?"

The Holiday Havoc Hunt is here starting today with an opening party and lasting till January 2nd. An awesome adventure by madpea, you know it will be worth the time, thrill and prizes. Breeze as final gift from my side plus a hidden additional gift... somewhere...
Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Zodiac gacha is now available in the Temple

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013


Because we all are, eventually.
Back to Genre for the BDSM November round, afterplay rope marks tattoo in 2 rope styles and 3 transparencies each, all tintable. Check demos, are tintable too.

Hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Let me lend you a hand, foot or boob.

Dear Fallen,
After  a year of following trends concerning mesh genetic attachments I came to the will and intentions of making appliers to enrich your experience in second life while allowing you to still use my creations.

Having created many editions of skins, tones and texturizing during the past six years you have to understand that starting to make appliers for each skin is a long and time consuming task. After some thoughts I came to an idea of proceeding trough my skin lines: Requests.

Before you think those are commissions let me explain you why I am offering you here a book to write your requests: to speed up the process in giving you access to appliers that are most used, knowing which skins and lines are currently popular with those that use appliers in general. Please write in the book of requests the following things to help me with the project: brand and model for which you need the applier (Ex. Slink, hands, male – Draco Carbon skin, smooth) Your name is automatically registered and your requests will be public, so to not have multiple requests.I won’t start doing appliers before December, this will allow me to see the most requested skin line and start from there, then slowly, very slowly, and with the time I am given, I will try to cover all of my lines, giving priority to new releases though.

Requests are not a guarantee that I’ll make the appliers the day after or as first, but be sure I will take them in consideration. Please also respect the fact I have some other more creative projects I want to give priority, so appliers will always fall in second row. Said all this, I look forward to help you achieve completeness.

Appliers I am currently accepting requests and plan to working on with creator packs ready are:
Slink, Lola Tango, Lotus, Sinful Needs. 
For now I am not planning any other brands, but will make known in case this changes. Thank you for supporting and liking my applier-less creations till now,

Applier request Book SLurl

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spaceborn Newborn

Galactic freedom also for the new residents of this strange rich world that is Second Life.
Fallen Newborns are past edition skins that are available for free for all residents younger than a week in SL. My way to wish a warm welcome and share what I best do with the community new arrivals. Hope you enjoy, 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Galactic Freedom

November is a wonder-full month, a month free of marketing impositions with festivities and almost obligatory themes.
I love november, it's a month of freedom.
Irradiate and Psychic this round at We love Roleplay, hope you enjoy, 

Event Location:
Official Blog:

Monday, October 28, 2013


Congratulations to all!
Thanks to all of you, participants and voters: for your support, amazing creativity in bringing to life what I do and thank you for making also this year's anniversary a wonderful one, 

Every Fallen joining the contest received a special prerelease edition skin set for both genders, check your objects folder for a boxed item called: 
Election 2013 +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Participation Gift

Send a note to Alia Baroque renamed as it follows:  "FGI13 PRIZE Your name here", write inside the notecard the exact name of the skin or skins you pick up. 
I'll do My best to send you the chosen prize as soon as I can.
*IMPORTANT*Please RENAME notecards as I stated above, will help me deliver prizes faster

Rezz the Voucher and read instructions on it, drop it to Alia Baroque or Elizabeth Tinsley. 
I'll do My best to send you the chosen prize as soon as I can.

And now... The Winners! 
FINAL WINNERS on popular votes

1st PLACE: Rynn Verwood, 192 votes (TItle Holder) / Thalia Lupindo, 255 votes (3 Full skin lines)
2nd PLACE: Yuna Yuadl, 153 votes (2 Full skin line)
3rd PLACE: Kaylith Zeurra / Bermillion Sugarplum / Dragon Fang , 122 votes  (1 Full skin line)
Runner UP: Mirabella Seda, 96 votes (3 skins of choice)

1st PLACE: Ikarus Darkwatch, 261 votes (3 Full skin lines)
2nd PLACE: Chief Bowenford, 182 votes (2 Full skin line)
3rd PLACE: Gargieux, 178 votes (1 Full skin line)
Runner UP: Cuge Causten 68 (3 skin of choice)

To Me all of you are Big Winners, but it's fair to choose those that I Felt stood out in style, skills or ideas. Thanks to all for your uniqueness and creativity, you've been amazing,

(Special prizes major Award)
1st PLACE: Rhojen & xxMikeXX Bebb (9 skins by choice for each)
2nd PLACE: Tamzin XIgalia & Vanatosis Arentire (3 skins of choice)
3rd PLACE: Varulla & Cuge Causten   (2 skin of choice)
Runner Ups: Emmalyne Mynx & He77rayza Arun (1 skin of choice)

(Special prizes major Award)
1st PLACE:  Nila Byron & Matthew Anthony(5 skins of choice)
2nd PLACE: Eve Gaelyth & WatermelonWolf (3 skins of choice)
3rd PLACE: Skye Fairywren & Viktor Jolbey (2 skin of choice)
Runner Ups: Joushin Yuhara & Drewvictus (1 skin of choice)

Next Awards Winners receive all a skin by choice.

(50k shades of hot)
Triana Mills & Fenn MacMoragh

(Atoms as pixels compose inorganic prims.)
Ainemari Flanagan & Zaemiel 

(it's a bug's life)
moonlitecat & Fransiscus Fushikizoh

(pure . light . feathery . ascended . clean . air)
True Irelund & Jaden Tyles

(Fly my soul, over the ocean of tree scents.)
 Ryanna Foxclaw & Keeper Coeur

(Here, get the prize...just don't slaughter me please?)
Kaylith Zeurra & VIncent Drackon

(Better to reign in hell than...)
Rociel Fenua & Ryann Hendrassen

(I know the name, I know the form, I can carry the wisdom of lights.)
Serenity Couerblanc & Asharr

(You made me laugh heartfelt when I saw your pic, thanks!)
Schdeuph Rosca & Nyree Rain

AND last but not the least....

(Aka: Beat My less votes!)
Glitch Axelrad, Cale Alcott, Aeromia
(Prize: tintable tattoo pack by choice)

All Final Votes:
(P) = Prize winner

Aair 27
Aeromia 24
Ainemari Flanagan 44 (P)
AlphaCharis 34
Aoife Mayo 35 
Aznana Shieldmaiden 47
bela Martian 34
Bermillion Sugarplum 122 (P)
Blaize Batra 41
Blueray Darkes 31 
Breezy Carver 31
Cayenne Republic 38
Cerulean Teardrop 28
Dagmar Haiku 30
DraconisMetallix 26
Dragon Fang 122 (P)
Eleni Heliosense 31
Emmaline Mynx 35 (P)
Eve Gaelyth 32 (P)
GreenhouseDiva 26 
ilham Vaher 31
Isa Rovio 32
Jenny Toocool 30
Jossy Jacobus 32
Joushin Yuhara 26 (P)
Kaylith Zeurra 122 (P)
keeper Coeur 40 (P)
LaNez Writer 29
LilSaphira 32
Lauren Thibaud 56
Mirabella Seda 96 (P)
moonlitecat 29 (P)
Moonlight Summerwind 31
Nila Byron 33
Niobe Flux 29 
NuitTefnut Magic 31
Nyree Rain 32 (P)
Ravenstarr 37
Rhojen 44 (P)
Rociel Fenua 47 (P)
Ryanna Foxclaw 34 (P)
Rynn Verwood 192 (P)
Savannah Porterfield 29
Serenity Couerblanc 29 (P)
Shadows Mistwalker 28
Shuri Dreamscape 32
Sinafay Nexen 30
Sin Snowfield 76 
Skye Fairywren 49 (P)
Sonya Marmurek 32
Tamzin Xigalia 49 (P)
Tashi Edenflower 33
Thalia Lupindo 255 (P)
Triana Mills 32 (P)
True Irelund 33 (P)
Ursula Floresby 33
Varulla 47 (P)
Yemayasakti 29
Yuna Yuadl 153 (P)
ZvezdaDanica 26

Asharr 48 (P)
Brian1964 Galicia 29
Cale Alcott 26
Cambieul Thane 43
Chief Bowenford 182 (P)
Cricket Crabe 31
Cuge Causten 68 (P)
Drewvictus 30 (P)
Fenn MacMoragh 44 (P)
Fransiscus Fushikizoh 33 (P)
Gargieux 178 (P)
GebShu Magic 31
Glitch Axelrad 26
Graveeater Xaron 43
Graydirk Enoch 32
Henk Aristocrat 31
He77rayza Arun 33 (P)
Ikarus Darkwatch 261 (P)
Isamusama 48
Jaden Tyles 35 (P)
KineticPen 33
Laef Bravin 28
Lee Mechanique 29
Matthew Anthony 35 (P)
Nightstarr191 32
Nuada Soothsayer 30
Oxygen Staryk 39
Rigger Gearz 33
Ryann Hendrassen 45
Schdeuph Rosca 35 (P)
Spencer Ronzales 61
Vanatosis Arentire 36 (P)
Vasa Vella 39 54
Void Ashbourne
VincentDrackon 39 (P)
Viktor Jolbey 46
Xaver Zapatero 32
xxMikexx Bebb 29 (P)
York Theas 27
WatermelonWolf 29 (P)
Wolf Earthboy 27
Zaemiel 48 (P)
ZynWyrwing 28

Thank you Fallens!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

You are invited

You are kindly invited to attend 
the 6th Anniversary Celebration Party of Fallen Gods Incarnated.
Starting today, Saturday 26 October at 1 pm SLT, 
we will celebrate for 12 hours untill Sunday 1 am SLT ;
to cover all the possible locations in the world Fallens are from, 
in excellent company, music and imagination.
I see you at the Temple Roof

Anniversary Celebration Schedule
Saturday 26 October
Anniversary Celebration Party
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm DJ Lainey Thorne
The Year of Rebirth has started.
2.30 pm - 4.00 pm DJ David Abbot
Scarabs, Phoenixes, Egyptian gods. Anything Rebirth themed for the “Reincarnation” Contest.
4.00 pm - 5.30 pm DJ Void Ashbourne
The Demon/Angel Hours. “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” Contest.
5.30 pm - 7.00 pm DJ Paradox Messmer
“The Faun Conspiracy” Contest. Forest folks, fairies, elves, hard wood.
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm DJ Rykk Ferraris
“Monsters & Co.” Halloween Look Hours.
8.30 pm - 10.00 pm DJ Nakuru Bergamasco
“Clothes are optional” Contest. Find the best/worst Censor bars you can imagine of.
10.00 pm - 11.30 pm DJ Ainemari Flanagan
You can’t miss Trivia Hours.Traditional shower of skin vouchers.
11.30 pm - 1.00 am DJ Kirana Rawley
“Be Yourself” And dance.
1.00 am (Sunday 27/10) Fireworks on the Bay
A new tradition, a way to say goodbye to the old Fallen year and open the doors to the New One. Elizabeth can make the world sparkle.

Skin Vouchers to be won for each Contest
Every look has to showcase a FGInc. skin, all the rest arbitrary.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Crowning Party

Friday 25 October
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm (SLT)
Crowning Party
2013 God and Goddess Crowning party with DJ Ainemari Flanagan. Summoning all this year’s participants in the last voting hours to showoff their awesome looks and perhaps change the tides of votation results.

The participation gifts are sent, manually and carefully with a personal note to all, I definitely did perv and stalk your profiles, and loved it as every year. Thank you so much again to all!

The song kept humming in my mind while ending the participation skin. Haunted.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back to 2007

Marty McFly: Hey, Doc, we better back up. We don't have enough road to get up to 88.
Dr. Emmett Brown: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Thursday 24/10 , 1 pm - 4 pm slt, Selidor.

Spinning for you Dj David “The Devil” Abbot.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anniversary Festival Opening

Come join us today at 1.30 pm slt to listen at the amazing Phoenix, a sunset on the grass and almost two hours of wonderful music with the talented live performer.

Phoe's official website:
SLurl to concert:

The Festival continues today at 10.00 pm slt with the incredible particle performance by Tomo Ritt, come enjoy morning serenity, tai chi and mindfulness on Selidorian grass.
Tomo's official website:
SLurl to concert:

Let's celebrate folks, let's have a wonderful time together and enjoy arts, talents and mutual company. 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Year of Rebirth

You are kindly invited to 
the 6th Anniversary Festival of Fallen Gods Incarnated.

The Election of our new Fallen God and Goddess starts today Saturday 19, a Full Moon day. You have a whole week to vote your favourites between 59 Goddesses and 42 Gods untill the last hours during the Crowning party on Friday 25. This year though there's something more: more parties, more performances, a way to focus more on simple free entertainment and celebration, on the community of Fallens to which I owe the same fact I am here the 6th year still creating what am driven by imagination, soul and not mainstreams.Thank you Fallens.
Now let's have fun!

Fallen Gods Inc. 6th Anniversary Festival 
Official Schedule

Wednesday 23 October
 1.30 pm - 3.00 pm (SLT)
Phoenix live / music performance
Live music performance by the talented Phoenix. Rebirthing from ashes Selidor listens to angel voices and piano muses. Official Website:

10.00 pm - 1.00 am (SLT)
Tomo Ritt / particle performance
Amazing particle show by Tomo Ritt. Insightful morning tai chi, serenity and mindfulness. Check the website for a preview:

Thursday 24 October
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm (SLT)
Back to 2007 Party
Djs David Abbot leads us in a SL flashback. A great chance to showoff your PRE2007 looks... and if you are too young time to go for Mainland freebie shopping!

Friday 25 October
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm (SLT)
Crowning Party
2013 God and Goddess Crowning party with DJ Ainemari Flanagan. Summoning all this year’s participants in the last voting hours to showoff their awesome looks and perhaps change the tides of votation results.

Saturday 26 October
Anniversary Celebration Party
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm DJ Lainey Thorne
The Year of Rebirth has started.
2.30 pm - 4.00 pm DJ David Abbot
Scarabs, Phoenixes, Egyptian gods. Anything Rebirth themed for the “Reincarnation” Contest.
4.00 pm - 5.30 pm DJ Void Ashbourne
The Demon/Angel Hours. “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” Contest.
5.30 pm - 7.00 pm DJ Paradox Messmer
“The Faun Conspiracy” Contest. Forest folks, fairies, elves, hard wood.
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm DJ Rykk Ferraris
“Monsters & Co.” Halloween Look Hours.
8.30 pm - 10.00 pm DJ Nakuru Bergamasco
“Clothes are optional” Contest. Find the best/worst Censor bars you can imagine of.
10.00 pm - 11.30 pm DJ Ainemari Flanagan
You can’t miss Trivia Hours.Traditional shower of skin vouchers.
11.30 pm - 1.00 am DJ Kirana Rawley
“Be Yourself” And dance.
1.00 am (Sunday 27/10) Fireworks on the Bay
A new tradition, a way to say goodbye to the old Fallen year and open the doors to the New One. Elizabeth can make the world sparkle.

Skin Vouchers to be won for each Contest
Every look has to showcase a FGInc. skin, all the rest arbitrary.

IMPORTANT Events will be held also In case of Frog Rain, Apocalypse or Linden Lab Implosion. No change of Schedule in case of  Meteor Showers, though availability of performing artists will be comunicated, if there’s lackof. DIrect Landmarks to events will be comunicated trough the Fallen Gods Inc. group prior to their relative starts. Fallen Gods Inc. is not responsable of DJ’s and Fallen’s weird behaviours and bad jokes, but actually a major istigator of such. Also, Pfudors.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Scarabs of Fortune

Dear Fallens, 
In occasion of the 6th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., the Fortune Teller is back bringing you more colorful bugs. I hope you have fun my friends and that you enjoy the Fortunes. 
Let's party soon...
...till then. Good Luck!

Selidor SLurl:

Other Anniversary Happenings:
Fallen God and Goddess Election 2013 
We Love Roleplay October Special

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fallen God and Goddess 2013

Dear Fallens, 
I will be honest with you... the great thing of making a contest every year in the last 6 is that you can copy the same text and just change dates...but no, I have to make you suffer trough one of My yearly themed introductions each time, and I know: you are incredibly grateful for that.
This year has been a peculiar one, a supposed year of dreams that instead  showcased as a year of letargic state, of nightmares and stillness, of foggy vision and confusion, of.... many things, but I awakened. Stronger than before, sharper, happier, serene in the depths of my own (big) ego after a long needed rest where all things came to place. Dreams are often good advisors, and I would never go back and change this year; for how much it might have been unpleasant at first it did lead to a much greater and better awareness and serenity. Said this, I can now officially introduce you to the 6th Year of Fallen gods Incarnated and its Year of rebirth. You are the fundaments on which My creations are able to live and flourish and grow, so your participation in this Year's Election is the core of its beginning. I hope to see you all on the contest walls and during the Festival.

Participation Requirements:
Well, you just have to wear one of My skins and be alone in the pic, but that's it. You don't need to be an awesome photographer if you have creativity, fun ideas or a great look; you don't have to sport a great look if you are an awesome photographer ...and you dont have to own any of those if you have plenty of friends.
You don't have friends to vote for you? The public is fair, might support you or you might simply aim at one of the special jury prizes* which are not less rich than than the main ones.
Get your swing shoes on, Fallen, I want your pics, it's time to get out of your skybox and kick the dance fl.., well, Temple. Wish to see you in many and remember: what matters is having fun with it. Please check the participation rules below, some are very important, and thanks in advance for taking time to read them.

*Special Jury is composed by:
Alia Baroque, Alia, Fallen Gods Inc. Owner, Libertine Owner, Mr. Baroque, the Idiot(TM), The Bastard, The "YouaresomeanIhateyouandwillneverevercyberwithyouagain" guy, Sweetheart Muffin Tom and naked banana.

(All prizes are for male and female, separate competitions)

First Prize: 3 Full skin lines 
(example: all hybrids + evolution + elves, one gender)

Second Prize: 2 Full skin line
(example: all hybrids, one gender)

Third Prize: 1 full skin line

Runner up: 3 skins of choice.

All contestors will receive a limited edition skin for participating.

More secret awards with weird names will be given at the end of the competition, the prize for those are by tradition a skin of choice.

Important:  All pics shall be sent to  My smoking hot secretary Elizabeth Tinsley, mostly because I tend to cap a lot.
-   You will need a snapshot of yourself, this is the way people will be able to vote you. Your image will be your presentation card, it will summary all what you want to say so I suggest you take time to choose or to create one that really satisfies and represents you. The artistic value itself of the image and it’s originality will be for sure something that will help you getting noticed by the voters. 

-   You need to wear a Fallen Gods Inc. skin. All the rest: location, outfit, etc. is by your choice. It’s the only requirement, since without it the competition itself has no sense.

-   There must be only one avatar in the image, yourself, otherwise it can get confusing. And it shall be only one pic.

-   You will deliver to Elizabeth Tinsley a FULL PERMISSIONS texture named FGI13 name surname (example: FGI13 Jennifer Doe). I will not exclude on prior who mistakes that, but I might not find your texture and so miss to place you in the voting. Also the ratio shall be that of a standard snapshot and monitor size (3:2), vertical and square cuts will have your image deformed. Please do not put your image in notecards, boxes or folders.

-    I will accept your images untill Friday, October 18, 2013.

-   On Saturday 19 I will place out the panels with your pictures, the system will be a single click vote by avatar, for all the pics one likes, so the Jury will be all SL that comes to Selidor. The voting will last untill friday 25 October 3pm SLT, the day before the Fifth Anniversary Celebration. In this occasion the winners will be announced and we will wait the voting end with an anniversary warming up party where you can showcase your looks and charme last minute undecided voters.

-   The maximum number of participants by gender is 30, so if it exceeds that number I will..... make a preliminary selection based mostly on the picture aesthetics and originality(yeah, sure). 

-      Very Important: Please. Do not contact me about anything concerning this matter in IM or by note. I will have a very busy time untill the Anniversary. (Please remember to send your pics to Elizabeth Tinsley). Anything else that will be needed to know will come by Group notice.

SUMMARY: rename pic as example, set permissions to copy modify and transfer(full perm), drop texture/pic alone to Elizabeth Tinsley) then enjoy the election week untill the Anniversary Party.

Even more Important!!!! : Have Fun! 

FLICKR Official Group
FLICKR Election Group

Thank you very much for reading all this poem, some of you for thefifth time, and considering participating in the Election, you deserve a great song (and anime).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Warm Rotten Limbs

Rotten Drows and Ghosts freshly released from their sand graves for this October, Fallen Gods' special Anniversary month. We reach the Sixth year and I am planning a few things as usual to hopefully entertain you. I see you soon,


Event Location:
Official Blog:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Autumn's call

Ravens and Dragons for your autumn's fresh colorful start at "WeLove Roleplay". As every month they are discounted half off the usual price just for the event duration.
Hope you enjoy, 
(The Fortunes Plotter...)

Event Location:
Official Blog:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Last Spirits

Such a sad unintentional title has this post, it should have been "The Last Unreleased Creations: Spirits", but I would have probably lost your attention at the word "unr..."... here ... loosing you .... I can sense that...
Hold on a second, are you still here reading? 
Does it means I shall give you some content?
I'll never cease to do so, content creation makes my cells vibe and the more I Am faithful to my own imagination and ideas, the more I am passionate about it. 
Still here folks, passionately not following trends and getting cryticized for that almost 6 years, and this said... I can't wait to slowly introduce you this year's 6th anniversary's theme...shall be fun. Wish you to enjoy this last drops of summer, soon the beauty of a colorful autumn will enirch our spirits.
Always Your Creative Servant,

On the usual serious note, the last Fallen unreleased sets, that I did plan to release this summer, are here. Libertine and builds will come during next months. Hope you enjoy.