Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Treasure Hunt

The Easter Chocolate Bunny egg hunt has started!
Will last till the end of Monday, five eggs to find and each one has a clue in a notecard for the following one to catch and eat... and transform into a mutant chocolate Humanoid Bunny! (see the choco bunny orgy up in the pick) Hope you like it, and have fun :)


Skoge Kattun said...

What happend to me? I turned into a bunny in the temple! Did I take too many eggs, or maybe the wrong ones?=)

Alia Baroque (Old) said...

Never good to eat too much chocolate ^^

Skoge Kattun said...

Are you sure? =D

Unknown said...

Skoge, you should not have followed that funny looking rabbit ;)

Skoge Kattun said...

Was it you who was the bunny? i could have sworn it was me ... ;)