Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Personal thoughts about my work

I made my first skin in October 2007, Ishtar. I downloaded the avatar template and started to paint it, will not tell you how much I sweated to make it work right, not using any 3D software to test it. I would paint the breasts stroke by stroke (and see the nipples do strange things), then the belly, then will place highlights on the knees, draw the ears, and sometimes would realize I will have to plain it more since the join parts are really a nightmare, but I enjoyed doing it. Every mouth stroke, line, going from micro brush to a big one taking out the highlights and adding shadows, was giving birth to a new character.
I never thought at the time Fallen Gods will grow so much, be exposed and known. Even if not a top classified, I miss being in the shadow lately. In a way I loved to be a corner creator not known, to sell only to a few people liking my painted style, but I am grateful with all my heart to all that supported my work in all the ways (I am so happy you like what I do!). But now is different, and I am alone as you most know. I do everything you see there, and try to follow all. I am not fond of malls, I believe an avatar is a human being behind a monitor liking my work and wanting to be part of my vision, Fallen Gods will never be a mall, and will not turn into a realistic line of skins to match the general vision of SL trends, and RL ones either. I realize my skins are not perfect in many ways, and the new series will correct aspects I did not think of when first creating my skins, but the style will not change.
I will not change my attitude over the Temple, saw as a place to welcome you with gratitude for having interest in what I do. My creations are a result of our interaction, what I do and what you like. And if we meet this makes my day, my week, my month.
But the only thing I cannot change is myself and my vision. My girls will always look a bit horseface, longlegged and with temper expression, as my boys will go from Conan-like to Yaoi-gay style. I paint them as I like to see them, and if we don't meet I am sorry. If I start doing things only because the major request is upon it, the commercial and trend one, I will lose enthusiasm and give up. The freedom of SL for creators and designers, illustators, scripters, is to actually have their own passions take shape in SL, as for others is to live it into it. We already have our business and commission limits in RL, so at least in SL we try to break them and go on our creative path, as we do it in the way of living SL itself.
I needed to write this post because since more exposure, I found people requesting that I stick more into the usual line of style in skin-making; already a lot of great designers offer products that fit those realistic styles, and on the other hand is like asking a pre-rapphaelite to paint in expressionist style. Probably this matters are no interest for you, but I can say I decided to stick on my vision, keep on doing things and have the new series of skin with a few details more, but always under my "place a stroke there, it could work..*brusssh*" style.
I thank you with all my heart for liking my imperfect bohemienne skins and my messy Temple, and keeping in your support, I hope I resist against the evil omologation industry 

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fyrerose said...

Having found your place in a round about way (those who know me know how it happened) I can honestly say that your skins are by far my most favourite in SL. I love the painted style and the Elementals in particular.

Thanks for hanging in there and I look forward to seeing what the future may bring for Fallen Gods.

Maleficent Nightfire

[Rouge Darcy ] said...

Stick to your principles and do what you like to do, you really don't have to change your style to please those who would like to see something "different"!

It's your art, your imagination, it's YOU and a lot of people already appreciate it... keep your identity and I'm sure only good things can come out from this "behaviour" ;)

Alia Baroque (Old) said...

*hugs truly Maleficent and Rouge*
Thank you so much girls.
Will not do it alone, never