Friday, May 23, 2008

The Return of the Thin White Duke

...throwing darts in lover's eyes...
Is there anything rational I can say about how much I adore that man? The artist, complete he is, his songs, his acting. A skin tribute to the greatest of all, by my opinion. I wanted to make those skins like months, and the templates were waiting and waiting, Lately between RL job and SL maintainance, the Island and a lot of other things, seems I cannot enjoy to do ideas I wait from long to complete. Well, at least here is one. Hope you like it people!(and thanks for reading those blurbs).
Rouge from RebelX will soon place also the prim eyes near the skin panel, since this man has one eye different from the other, and I hope one day I will manage to make some outfits too. I hope you enjoy the videos I will place here to enter the magic of this Man. Yours, Alia.
**Possible new releases: Elven Skins + Elven Outfits + Two tanned skintones for both genders + One female portrait skin + "Kiss" skins + A lot of other stuff + A whole Island! ;) **