Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Updates

I tried to have a few times some vacation, but seems I am not having good luck for the weather and other matters, I will try again at the end of August, let's hope for some relax :)
Here are a few updates and various things I released:

Ascension tattoo dedicated to Elementals, with the usual rune colours, plus electric and two blacks, and 4 versions for each to fit the various skins and moods.

Glowing hands with the same colours of the tattoo to add a bit to your look, two versions in each colour.

Uh? Group freebie, that? What the hell...
Uhm, ok I was in one of that silly strange moods I got often, actually full of fun and good vibe. Not only you can furnish your flat with the last televeision released on market, but you'll be the biggest Hottie on the beach and the Extreme successful guy or girl on parties!

Oh, well.... 
I also finished the male High Elven skins, this is the wrath version. Skratching my scalp hard for the girls now, wish me good luck!

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[Rouge Darcy ] said...

The male ones look gorgeous already, waiting for females :D