Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rebirth Tattoo, glowing eyes and Aear

I'll be honest, I adore adding customisation details for the Elementals, each thing is like giving an option more to be unique and yourself, but different. There are a lot of other things concerning this series of creations in progress, and slowly I can release them. The major products anyway will take more time, as new skins and armours. Wish me a day of 96 hours ;)

About other matters, I took a new openspace called Aear, the smaller ones of 750 prims and ended in building somekind of lighthouse, in the most original term of the word, bringer of light. When first building Selidor I wanted to have a similar building in the NW corner of the island, or on one of the big rocks at the bay entrance, but then decided to leave more space, air. Still... this image of the particular building and location haunted me, so it has to be done. I think I'll locate a special puzzle on Aear, "Myst" inspired (as the building is at the end), but need to think of something nice *grins*. I remember playing Myst long time ago, my Dad actually bought it. Remember it was considered one of the best graphical games ever, a peak of that genre, and still remains an example.I think I was 13 or something, conditioned my creativity and imagination badly. Today when I think of that Game series I can only think of relax, peace and mistery, elements I wish I can bring in my Second Life world and environments.

Another thing haunting me from long is the creation of a RP sim, thinking a lot if it's worth the time and effort, I sense it can became draining and would take a lot of time off from my creations, but still... the idea of creating a completely functional environment for interaction and background to other players to enjoy and live is exciting. Damn exciting. Oh well, I'll figure out when, how and if I'll do it ;)

Anyway, hope all is going well with you, and if not..be sure sooner or later it will turn to bright, has to!

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