Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cat's Treat and more.

"Look what the cat brought Hunt"
Officially starting 1 June at Noon SLT. Don't miss the other awesome shops gifts.
Goldfishing season just started....

More info on the blog:

Many thanks for answering the poll, it gave a clear answer to what you might expect. I will place on sale soon the Fleurs series with more skin options and a more complete outfit too, promise will not take much.
Also another line that soon I will release some more incarnations of the New Gods, cannot say much except await there will be a lot of scars and freckles... anf maybe a return of the rainbow. The Elemental Full Moon Event will probably skip a few months, since I prayed them to have piety and let Me end what I have in mind for them.
And last, and of course absolutely the least:
I am great, hope you too!

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