Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When roses turn around dead men.

Yes, this time I made it double… Two Treasure Hunts running at Selidor, each special and separate, but with one thing in common: both feature two new tattoos as prize for hunters. The Legacy of Maul tattoo is available with the Dead Man’s Hand Hunt by Madpea (check the official blog here) by purchasing a Hud and following an adventure that will lead you through many stores till the final treasure room where you can find a bounty of goods, included a surprise, now freshly released just for the Hunt, by Fallen Gods Inc. The other Hunt is a free to participate one, created by Nature's Hunts (check official blog here) by the name of When Roses Turn Black Hunt, giving you the Thorns Redux Tattoo in black, for those that from long asked me an integration for the Thorn facial tattoo peculiar of one of the Dark Elves skins. Both welcome you in this month by tradition dedicated to Love and Insanity (Carnival), which seems as couple get always along well. Hope you enjoy hunting and new releases,



And if you complete the Dead Man's Hand, this is what awaits you in the treasure room:

Silent Treats

Am not sure how many of you know that Selidor hides many surprises. Some are openly placed over the freebie desk or in the lucky chairs, but some are more silent, hidden and up to you to discover. Some treats include old time group gifts unavailable otherwise or particular creation made on purpose, as a few simple details I share over the Island. Good extended hunting.

Goddess teaser….

Interesting Facts: The Outfit, Tophat, worn in the Legacy of Maul Ad is part of RFyre Steam punk Outfits, this one for men, called Habitual Steam, check the blog entry here. The inspiring and unique pose used in the personal AD with the Couple is called Pearl Oyster Box, by Del May. Check her Flickr group here.

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