Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Male Crystal Petites & Contest

"Higher, Higher" Violet said, pressing her toes on Musk's head while Azure would shift her up with a slight grin from below "You are heavy... And that berry is not going to help!"

Male petite crystals are now ready to support their sisters and companions over the Quest to find the ultimate perfect berry, and possibly eat it.
Hope you enjoy,

There's also a contest running at Petite Kingdom, with the chance to win a petite avatar of your choice, scroll down to know more.
The Petites Boo-Boo Clinic is now open but the doctors are flustered and don't know what to do! The poor little Petites are ailing and the doctors aren't sure how to fix them. Maybe you can help us! We are looking for pictures of your Petite Boo-Boos to help educated our doctors in the care and nursing of Petites.

To enter our Petites Boo-Boo Clinic Contest here is what you need to do:
1. Take a picture of a Petite with an injury (technical issue with Petite Mesh Avatar). This could include, but not be limited to, eye issues, stretched body parts and missing limbs. Be creative and have fun but remember to make copied of all your Petite avatar parts before trying to break yourself.
2. Create a name for and description of you injury.
3. Describe how to fix your injury.
4. Take all this information and place it on a notecard. Title the notecard Petites Boo-Boo Contest [your name].
5. Drop your notecard in the Orange flower at the Petite Avatar Kingdom.
6. The Petites Boo-Boo Clinic Contest will run from March 13 - 27 @ midnight SLT.
7. You are welcome to use photoshop on your pictures; however, this is not a photoshop contest. It is about your creativity in coming up with and documenting an injury that affects Petites.
8. Prizes will be awarded for the best Petite injury submissions as judged by our select panel of doctors. Prizes will include your choice of one Petite Avatar by any creator. Also all participating will receive a special gift just for entering.

Please remember this Contest is all in fun. It's intent is to help educate people about the types of Petite Boo-Boos there are and how to fix them. It is not our intention to make fun of anyone with real life medical issues.
If you have any questions, please feel free to IM Elizabeth Tinsley.

Have fun and remember sticks and stone may break your bones but relogging fixes everything!

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