Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fallens for a Phoenix

There are moments in which it's not hard to realize what is right and what is wrong. There are moments in which you know what side you will take, because when you hear about something that happened you can reflect your own self in this situation easily: What if this happened to Me? Well I would for sure appreciate any help the creator community could give Me, so I will stand on Gala side, even if never had the pleasure to meet her, and see her surname as a symbol of good luck, to let her Phoenix reborn from ashes in full glory, fire and splendor.

One voice is an event created to support Gala Phoenix, creator of Curio, to fight for her rights. If you wish to know more you can read here: http://curioonline.org/

One Voice Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mesh/198/241/22

And if I manage to access the sim and set up, here are the new Fire Salamanders and the second chance over Petite Doves. Salamanders might see soon an official line, though Petite Doves will keep a limited edition for occasions as this. The Sales are 100% for Gala, so I am not ashamed to advertise it, go buy if you like them and help her out, for us creators there's no line between SL and RL.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the music, Alia ^^

Cherokeeh Asteria30 needoesn