Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Indulgences

The Temple feels merciful, relieving your sins in Indulgences for a reincarnation pure and saint. (Black Friday is here, more than 50 skins at 30% off. Every skin line covered!) Come join us in those Sacred days of Merriment and Faith to evolve and improve your permanence in the AfterSecondlife.(Come spend as mad this weekend, 28-30, over stuff you don't need in SL, have fun and give me all your Lindens!) Be sure to Chrism your soul in the correct Blessing by delicately caressing the banners of Vote (Touch the Black Banners to join the Skin Addiction Group to get access to discounts! Discounts are refunded upon purchase) I'll be waiting for you in my asceting presence warming the air into granted luck and welcome you all over the sacred soil of the Arcipelagus (Might be hiding underground as usual to fix things or offline to not have to answer CSV, but how I truly wish to welcome is: enjoy your stay, come for a visit even if not shopping, remember to have fun!)


All discounted skins Demos are together in big gender signs around the temple, hope you find something of your liking Folks!
Black Celebration, 28-30 November
More than 50 skins at 30% off discount

Tech Info:
1. Click Banners to join the Skin Addiction Group
2. Wear the Group Tag
3. Pick one of the Highlighted skins in turquoise glowtard squares
4. Pay the FULL price
5. Get refunded the discount

6. Thank you and enjoy!

"Qua si fa elmi di calici e spade,
e 'l sangue di Cristo si vend' a giumelle,
e croce e spine son lance e rotelle;
e pur da Cristo pazienza cade!

Ma non c'arivi più 'n queste contrade,
chè n'andré 'l sangue suo 'nsin alle stelle,
poscia che a Roma gli vendon la pelle;
e èci d'ogni ben chiuso le strade.

S' i' ebbi ma' voglia a posseder tesauro,
per ciò che qua opera da me è partita,
può quel nel manto che Medusa in Mauro.

Ma se alto in cielo è povertà gradita,
qual fia di nostro stato il gran restauro,
s'un altro segno ammorza l'altra vita?"

Michelangelo Buonarroti, sulle Indulgenze

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