Monday, October 24, 2016

Unlocking the Vault

The first Treasure Chest has been unlocked this 15 October, I waited a bit to not spoil the surprise to those that opened the following days but now it's time to show you what all is inside. Hope you enjoyed and enjoy. The Chest can be still purchased for a year at the Headquarters. For all the previews and Info check the official website:

I also included in this post some very nice unboxing videos and am really grateful to all the bloggers. I know how hard it is to change your look, expecially genetics and skins, but trying my skins is like undergoing a genetic mutation.
A warm thank you to all that went blindly aboard and gave Treasure Chest a try for its first round, we are striving to improve and learn to get better in the future. A thank you to all the creators that participated in this round and a huge thanks to Nic and Jalynne for organising and running the event so impeccably, unrepenting my participation.
I am preparing already for the next round so I hope you will give it a try,

Here's a few clarifications I noticed where needed in the videos:
- GENDER: Since I started up skins has been gender defined by its relative chromosomes, xx and xy, not a common practice but it definitely spares typing space.
- NB: means No Brows
- PG: Means Parental Guidance and that nipples and genitalia are censored on the skin
- Omega Head & Body appliers are separated,: Body has Pg and normal options, Head has No Brows and Brows.
- Box auto-unpack on rez and use Holographic particle projection.

A personal note: It's not easy to show my work, I sincerely appreciate each blogger's intention to express properly my workand am grateful to the time and skills they put into leading us in those videos. On an additional note I am not very fond of how my skins look on Catwa male heads, this is not a critique on the mesh head or product but on the way my texturing fits the design and face type.

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