Sunday, December 20, 2020

Yule Season 2020

EXTENDED to January 11!
Dear Fallen Libertines,
The Temple pool iced for Yule, penguins are celebrating their favorite season and festivities and the Tree is back piling up gifts from me and Friends. I hope you'll enjoy what this year brings and have a serene and safe holiday season. Yours, 

About Gifts
Many gifts are scattered over many locations, so to have them all you need to visit my Friend's trees and some Events, the best way to do so is to gather the gifts at Selidor first and see who shared them and check their locations for their own Giving Tree or follow the Guide below with all Slurls.

Incoming Yule Social Events
Raglan Tiny Carolers  Sunday, 20 December 2020 at 1pm SLT

The Night Theater Presents: Home for Christmas
Premiere: December 27, Noon SLT
Encore: January 3, Noon SLT

FISHMAS (Also known as Traditional New Year Good Luck Fishslapping Celebration) January 2, 1-4pm slt, Djs David Abbot and DaveOSaurus

New Year Skin specials January 8 to January 11. (IMPORTANT during those dates you will not be able to join the Fallen Group, which is free to join all year and outside of those 4 days.)

All Friends' Trees locations:
Some trees might not be up anymore by choice of the Hosts.

Current Yule Shopping Events:
Twisted Krissmus / 5 December - 3 January / TELEPORT
A Shopping Carol 6 December - 26 December  / TELEPORT
Shop & Hop 11 December - 3 January  / TELEPORT
A Drunken Elf 12 December - 10 January  / TELEPORT
Redeux 14 December - 21 December  / TELEPORT
Secret Sale Sundays 6 & 20 December / TELEPORT 
Dirty Discounts Wednesdays 16 & 23 December / TELEPORT 
Saturnalia 17 December - 1 January TELEPORT
Holiday Season Fair 20 December - 4 January / TELEPORT

and new this year:

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