Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Eurovision Beach Party

You are kindly invited to this year's Mid Summer Eurovision beach Party, first of its name, The Unsung, Queen of the Euros, the Fallen and the Slers, Khaleesi of the Great Selidor Sea, Protector of the Ear Canals, Lady Regent of the Fuckupperies, Breaker of nerves and Mother of Dinkies.
The Eurovision themed party will gather all kind of beings, europeans included, on Saturday 26 June, from 1 pm to 4pm slt, under the musical supervision of the UK's notorious Eurovision song contest DJ Fenomenal√© DaveOsaurus. It's a beach eurovision party, appropriate glitter bikinis are required. See you there, 

Tl;dr Saturday 26 June, 1-4pm slt, Selidor Bay, Dave spins euro tunes, mostly Yaya ding dong, but also other euro tunes.

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