Saturday, October 21, 2023


You know you want to come: you do not know what it is, or perhaps you do, expect the horrors of old school SL noobiness, RP as a noob, nOObs welcome, get some crappy old freebies and listen to some excellent music. We'll have Keeba and the Tiny Maniacs LIVE, David and Dave Djing their best worsts, conga, giant burning noob and the yearly madness. Hope to see you there,

Sunday October 22th
12 pm / noon Live Concert:
Keeba & the Tiny Maniacs
1-5 pm The Burning Noob Party
with DJs Dave & David
Platform with dreafdul hover texted freebies

Some previous year's Pictures taken by Sonya:
Noobcon 2022 - Elayne, Rick & Cayenne Noobcon 2022 Noobcon 2022 - DaveOSaurus, Green and Cracky-Voiced Noobcon 2022 - The Burning Noob Noobcon 2022 - The Burning Noob Noobcon 2022 - Keeba Tour Bus Noobcon 2022 - Conga Time!

Also Dave might have made something for you:

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