Friday, July 16, 2010

"The Path", Wishing on a Cure.

Come and Relay at this incredible event, that merges many elements making RFL of SL a very strong comunicative way for charity. It will be held this weekend, starting from July 17 2010 at 10 am SLT and end on Sunday, so do not miss it. Truly worth adding to your schedule for all the creativity involved and positive feel.

About the Path.

The Path is my personal designer project and interpretation of this years theme "Wishing on a Cure". Read the story by touching the books and follow the lead of the Tower.

I went for a few days of break and vacation, but planned to be back exactly the moment when the sims would be ready for building, the 7th. So it happens than since that day I worked on the Tower of Annon almost without a break, and it was something that freed me. I had this project in mind from more than a year, as an add to the Selidor arcipelagus, but then some other issues came, from utility to economical, to the same position of Annon which am relocating now. At one point some things simply merged together and I could finally throw it all out and do it, and honestly there could be no better way to give birth to the build than making it start its days with a RFL theme and project. To conclude: Damn if I am happy I did it finally.

And now somethign completely different:
Just for two days, to benefit RFL and the American cancer society, the uber rare and retired transmutation and rebirth elemental skin editions will be sold in this precise location on the RFL market, so if you miss it, here's your chance to grab them with also doing some good for the cause.

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