Friday, July 23, 2010

The Vanishing of Gods.

The Vanishing of Gods.
Where did they go?

The First Gods, The Old Fallen Gods Left.
Ishtar, Lilith, Diana, Nut, Chantico, Freya, azrael, Enki, Helios, Taranis, Atlaua, Kvasir, New Adam, Uruka, the Zombies, Goran, Ethan and Eilish went all together for a summer SPA camp.
Yes you heard it right: they rented a huge BUS and went to revamp themselves with some sun, sea and plastic surgery. I am expecting them to be back in Autumn with a far much better tan and attitude, till then I suggest you befriend their Selidorian non human looking friendS: elementals, elves, Hybrids, Evolution, Foam, Pixies, Orcs.... and some clowns and vamps by the way.
Enjoy the stay,
Alia Baroque

A personal note to all:

Dear Fallen,
There are moments in which a choice we ponder about too much has to be taken. I've been waiting too much, due to various reasons, but now i simply felt it was the deadline. It wasn't easy at all.
I retired all the first generation of Gods skins, and the reason is very simple: I wasn't satisfied with them at all, and this since Windlight came in use. The major problem with them is the way I used to work on skins when I just started and the huge difference in skintone that came up when Second Life switched on Windlight from the old style visual input.

Are they completely retired?
Yes and No.
For those that liked the body and facial features of them, I can reassure you I will try to keep them the most possible in My rework, so to maintain the same traits but with enchancing and developing the skintone, resolution and quality of them. I will not offer anymore the old version, but a new one that will be, in My opinion, a better development of the ones and they will become again creations I will feel more proud of.

Why didn't you send a notice about the future retirement of the skins?
The reason is simple. I did not wanted this to be a marketing move, I wasn't satisfied with the skins from long but knew many still enjoyed them. I know simply the ones I will offer soon will be better and more enjoyable even for those who already liked the old Gods. Proposing the Gods editions in a retirment sale and lowering the price, would be unfair in My opinion to those who purchased them in the past in full. Pushing you now to buy them with the scarecrow of non availability, would be against My personal belief in the worth of those skins anymore on technical and tone level.

Are you going to do more surprise retirments?
NO! feel at ease, all the rest will stay.

I hope you will understand my decision, and trust I will offer you soon a better human form under the old Gods feel,
Emotively Yours,

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